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goal With the aim of offering a specialised qualification programme in educational guidance and intervention, School of Education and Psychology offers a double programme that combines the contents of the specialization program guidance programme of Master's Degree at academic staff and those corresponding to the Master's Degree in Educational and Psychological Intervention.

The students of the Double Master's Degree of Educational and Psychological Intervention and academic staff of Secondary Education receive an advanced and rigorous academic and professional training in the areas of psychology of development and Education, psychology of learning, neuropsychology, guidance, assessment educational and Education special. 

It is Master's Degree with a professional character and research.

Aplicaciones anidadas


    What will you learn?    

The Master's Degree in Educational and Psychological Intervention will train you in the diagnosis and treatment of development disorders and learning difficulties in socio-educational or clinical contexts and in the design of programmes aimed at prevention and development.

On the other hand, the Master's Degree University in academic staff with the specialization program in Educational Guidance, will help you to carry out guidance tasks in a centre of Education throughout the student's entire cycle.

    Who is the double Master's Degree addressed to?    

It is aimed at students who are in possession of the degree scroll of Degree, primarily trained or interested in disciplines related to psychoeducational intervention (psychology of learning, neuropsychology, educational guidance, assessment educational and Education special).

    Podrás trabajar en...    doble

    You will be able to work in...    

The double Master's Degree prepares you to work in guidance, intervention and research in the following centres:

  • Psychopedagogical offices

  • Occupational and employment management centres

  • Associations of people with disabilities, illnesses, etc.

  • Special education centres

  • Guidance offices of institutions (town halls, municipalities, governments, etc.)

  • Social services

  • Departments socio-educational guidance

  • Health education programmes

  • School and family mediation programmes

  • Universities

It also qualifies Spanish students to work as counselors in a public, subsidized or private center.


Study program of the double Master's Degree