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Second awardof researchfundamental CTPIOD 2020-INRAe


PhD student Ester Díez-Sainz, from research centerin Nutrition at the University of Navarra, has won the second prize of researchfundamental CTPIOD 2020-INRAe at the Conference of Trans Pyrenean Investigations on Obesity & Diabetes, edition 2020.

programs of studyRecent studies suggest that the gut microbiota may be involved in the protection or susceptibility to develop obesity and its comorbidities. Ester will study the involvement of food microRNAs and the gut microbiota by attempting to identify xenomiRs by metagenomics and study them in mammalian cell co-cultures.

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lectureby Fermín Milagro at the 1st International Symposium on Translational Medicine at the University of Guadalajara

Dr. Fermín Milagro

Fermín Milagro, director of the Nutriomics and Biomarkers Line of research, participated on 20 November in the 1st International Symposium on Translational Medicine at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Dr. Milagro gave the lectureentitled "instructions molecules of obesity" within the module: Genomic Medicine In Metabolic Diseases.

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Course by Santiago Navas on Nutritional Intervention and lectureon Consumption of non-caloric sweeteners and health.

Santiago Navas

On 10 November, Santiago Navas, director of the Precision Nutrition Line of researchof the CIN, gave an online course as an expert in Nutritional Intervention organised by the Food For Life Spain technology platform. During the course, different contents were developed on the need for programs of studyand its design, in the context of EFSA health claims. The course was attended by 28 people. 

On 15 October, Dr Navas participated in the "conferenceof updatetechnical-scientific on applications and effects of non-caloric sweeteners in food" with the lectureentitled "Consumption of non-caloric sweeteners and health". The conference, organised by ILSI North-Andean and ILSI Mesoamerica, had more than 1,400 registrants.

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Study on quality of life and nutritional status during confinement.
Study on quality of life and nutrition in confinement

The research centerin Nutrition of the University of Navarra (CIN), in partnershipwith IMDEA Alimentación, has launched a study on Quality of Life and Nutritional Status of the population during confinement. The ultimate aim of the study is to evaluate the most frequent changes in lifestyle and diet during this period we are going through and, in this way, to be able to prevent certain behaviours that may have a negative influence on our quality of life, as well as to guide the nutritional approach once the normal rhythm of life has been restored.

For this purpose, we have prepared this survey.

The estimated time to complete this surveyis 20 minutes.

Thank you in advance for contributing to the advancement of research. 

Dr. Itziar Abete signature article "Association of lifestyle factors and inflammation with sarcopenic obesity: data from the PREDIMED-Plus trial".

Dr. Itziar Abete

The articleAssociation of lifestyle factors and inflammation with sarcopenic obesity: data from the PREDIMED-Plus trial has been one of the most downloaded, between January 2018 and December 2019, from the prestigious scientific journal "Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle". This journal occupies the first position in the areaGeriatric & Gerontolgy.

The articlewhose first signatory is Dr. Itziar Abete, is part of the projectde researchen Salud (FIS, PI17/00926, financed by the high schoolde Salud Carlos III and the European Regional Fund development) of which M. AngelesZulet is principal investigator; both are part of the team researcherof the Human Metabolism and Nutritional Guidelines Line, of the research centerin Nutrition (CIN) of the University of Navarra. 


45th Annual congressof the associationEspañola para el estudio del hígado (Madrid, 12-14 February 2020)

Nuria Pérez Díaz del Campo

attendanceof the student of doctorateNuria Pérez Díaz del Campo to the 45th Annual congressof the associationEspañola para el estudio del hígado (Madrid, 12-14 February 2020). presentationIn this congressshe presented a poster (Nutritional evolution and liver function after a nutritional intervention in patients with fatty liver disease), as a complementary activity in her projectof thesis . The results presented are part of projectFLiO (Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in obese population of Navarra: multidisciplinary/ nutritional approach from the clinical and scientific point of view, funded by the Department of Health of the Government of Navarra, Ref. 61/2015), led by research centerin Nutrition and in which the CUN and the CHN have collaborated.


Food for life: 1st meeting group of work in food and health. 13-02-20 Madrid

Food for Life

Fermín Milagro during the presentationof projectBiotagut

On 13 February last, the first meetingof 2020 took place in Madrid at groupof workin Food and Health of the Food for Life technology platform, which brings together the main food industries in the country. One of the main objectives was the presentationby the CDTI of the Science and Innovation Missions Programme, endowed with 70 million euros in grants for large strategic business innovation initiatives.

positionIn this workshop, a presentationon the current status of the projectBiotagut was carried out by Sergio Streitenberger, on behalf of the businessleader of the consortium (AMC Innova), and Fermín Milagro, from research centerin Nutrition at the University of Navarra. This projecthas a duration of four years (2017-2021) and has a funding of more than 6 million euros. Its goalis "Modulation of the microbiome and postbiome by means of intelligent designof foods that promote a healthy microbiota in relation to metabolic syndrome". The differences in gut microbiota composition between healthy and metabolically challenged individuals, as well as colonic fermentation trials with foods designed to improve microbiota composition, were presented at data.


General Assembly of projectSWEET


On 14 and 15 January 2020, the annual assembly of the European SWEET consortium, a projectcoordinated by the University of Liverpool and the University of Copenhagen, was held in London at the University of Roehampton, in which the research centerin Nutrition of the University of Navarra participates, represented by Drs. Alfredo Martinez (PI of the UNAV in the projectSWEET), Eva Almirón-Roig and Santiago Navas-Carretero. In particular, they led the part of the sessions aimed at the acute essayof beverages which they coordinate, and participated in the sessions dealing with the long-term study deadlineof sweetener consumption.

In addition to actively participating in both programs of study, and specifically leading the acute essay, which is coordinated by Dr. Almirón-Roig, they also participate in the analysis of the media, to study the population's perception of sweeteners.

The meetingwas very intensive and fruitful, generating much of the instructionsthat will govern the consortium until the conclusion of projectin 2023.



Best academic publicationHUSE 2019

Dr. Itziar Abete

Dr. Itziar Abete of the CIN, first author.

The article"Association of lifestyle factors and inflammation with sarcopenic obesity: data from the PREDIMED-Plus trial"; (Abete I et al. J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle 2019;10 (5):974-984), whose first author is Dr Itziar Abete, from the research centerin Nutrition, was awarded in the call for applications of the Ayudas a la researchHospital Son Espases (HUSE) 2019 in Palma, as the best academic publicationof the HUSE in 2019. The article, is the resultof the workthat develops the groupwithin the projectof researchin Health, FIS PI17/00926, funded by ISCIII and FEDER, whose IP is Dr. Marian Zulet, in partnershipwith other groups of research(PREDIMED investigators), mainly with the high schoolof researchSanitaria Illes Balears.



CIBEROBN Annual Symposium. Madrid, 20 and 21 November

María Jesús Moreno

Dr. María Jesús Moreno Aliaga, director of the research"Nutrition and Molecular Metabolism" line of the research centerin Nutrition (CIN), participated on 20 and 21 November in the Annual CIBERObn Symposium giving the lecture"Metabolic effects of lipid mediators derived from omega-3 fatty acids in adipose tissues and insulin sensitivity in obesity". The symposium was also attended by Dr. Alfredo Martínez, Dr. Fermín Milagro and Dr. Santiago Navas from the CIN.

Moreno Aliaga explained in his presentationhow obesity is associated with the developmentof metabolic diseases including insulin resistance, diabetes subject2, fatty liver, cardiovascular complications and even certain types of cancer. Obesity leads to a decrease in life expectancy by promoting various cellular processes that lead to ageing. Both ageing and obesity have been associated with a chronic inflammatory state of low Degree, which may facilitate the developmentof insulin resistance and other associated metabolic disorders. Indeed, inflammation associated with ageing (inflammaging) has been considered a risk factor for most age-related diseases.

Several programs of studyhave shown that the resolution of inflammation is an active process involving the production of pro-resolving lipid mediators of inflammation, such as lipoxins, resolvins, protectins and maresins. Indeed, it has been suggested that chronic obesity-associated inflammation may be resultdue to insufficient production of these pro-resolving lipid mediators in metabolic tissues core topic, especially in adipose tissue and the liver.

Moreover, numerous preclinical and even clinical programs of studyhave suggested beneficial effects of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially EPA and DHA, on the developmentand function of adipose tissue and in the prevention/treatment of chronic inflammation associated with obesity. In part, these actions of omega-3s are due to the fact that they are precursors of some of these pro-inflammatory lipid mediators, which have a much more potent anti-inflammatory effect than the fatty acids from which they are derived.

Therefore, these specialised pro-resolving lipid mediators may help to reduce inflammation in adipose tissue, thus contributing to the beneficial actions of omega-3 fatty acids in obesity and its associated metabolic complications. In this context, programs of studyfrom various groups at researchhave demonstrated the ability of some of these pro-resolving omega-3 derivatives such as RvD1, RvD2 and PDX to counteract obesity-related inflammation and insulin resistance in animal models of obesity. Our programs of studyhave focused on characterising the actions of Maresin 1 (MaR1), a DHA-derived lipid mediator with potent anti-inflammatory and proresolving activity, in obesity and insulin resistance. In mice with obesity induced by per diem expenses, MaR1 administration reduces macrophage infiltration and inflammation in adipose tissue, while improving systemic insulin sensitivity. Moreover, MaR1 treatment dramatically reduces obesity-related hepatic steatosis in mice by downregulating lipogenic enzymes, while inducing fatty acid oxidation genes and autophagy markers. In addition, MaR1 regulates brown fat activity and white fat browning, which may also contribute to its beneficial metabolic effects in obesity. At summary, MaR1 could be a promising therapeutic candidateto combat obesity and its associated comorbidities such as insulin resistance, diabetes subject2 and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

XIII conferenceof updatein Nutrition. Madrid, 15 and 16/11/19

XIII conferenceof updatein Madrid

The Campus of Madrid of the University of Navarra hosted the celebration of the XIII conference of update in Nutrition on November 15 and 16. In the conference participated the Vice President of research, Icíar Astiasarán and the doctors Pedro González, Alfredo Martínez and Santiago Navas-Carretero representing the research center in Nutrition, as well as dietitians and nutritionists of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition.

Navas-Carretero, director of the researchPrecision Nutrition Line of the CIN, explained in the discussion paperentitled "THE ROLE OF SWEETENERS IN HEALTH" the prolonged use of sweeteners and their potential effects on health, topicaddressed in numerous programs of studywhich to date remains an unknown. It does appear to have an effect on weight control and may help to maintain lost weight. However, in other pathologies such as diabetes subject2, its long-term effects deadlineare less clear, and it is not known whether its use can be beneficial or harmful. In other disorders, such as cancer, chronic kidney disease, risk of premature birth, and other conditions, the role sweeteners may play is less clear. More clear is how the continued use of sweeteners may affect the gut microbiota, changing its configuration and effects.

Given the many unknowns, the need arises to design a comprehensive and exhaustive study, in the short, medium and long term, deadlineof the possible effects of sweetener consumption on different aspects of health. This need has led to the creation of projectSWEET.

I congressInternational Conference on Advances in Nutrition. Lima 04/11/19


CIN researchers Pedro González Muniesa, J. Alfredo Martínez and Fermín Milagro, together with Professor Diana Ansorena, director of the departmentof Food Science and Physiologyof the Schoolof Pharmacy and Nutrition, participated in the I congressInternational Meeting on Advances in Nutrition, held on November 4th at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia - UPCH, Lima (Peru). Dr. Pedro González Muniesa was also the President of the Scientific committee.

The congresswhich addressed the topic"Translational nutrition: from the scientific basis to the person and the community", was attended by prestigious researchers from various Spanish-speaking countries.

FENS 2019 - 13th European Nutrition Conference. 15-18 October, Dublin

FENS 2019

Last October, the city of Dublin hosted the XIII European Nutrition congressorganised by the Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS). Dr. Itziar Abete and Dr. Alfredo Martínez took part in this edition, accompanied by Dr. Cristina Galarregui and Dr. Bertha Araceli Marín Alejandre. Galarregui presented the discussion paper"Association between diet quality indicators and non alcoholic fatty liver disease: The FLiO study" and Marín Alejandre presented the poster"Depressive symptoms and liver fat in subjects with non alcoholic fatty liver disease after 6-month weight loss intervention: The FLiO study".

The research centerin Nutrition also presented two posters entitled "Association between triglyceride glucose-body mass index and riskfactor slinked to non-alcoholic liver disease in subjects with metabolic syndrome" first author Vanessa Bullón, presented by Itziar Abete and "Adiposity and dyslipidaemia are associated with epigenetic age acceleration", first signatureAna Arpón, presented by Alfredo Martínez.

The congresstakes place every 4 years and is the leading European meetingin its field attracting more than 2,500 delegates, not only from the 26 affiliated European countries, but from a global platform with more than 50 countries represented, as well as from a range of European and international partner groups and societies. On this occasion the main theme topicwas malnutrition in an obese world, and European perspectives on current nutritional problems in developed countries.

The scientific programme featured top international speakers and a broad programme of thematic areas across the whole spectrum of Nutrition Science in plenary and parallel session formats covering different topics such as: Life cycle determinants and determinants, assessmentmethods and new technologies, current metabolic perspectives, the food environment, and current/emerging issues, from different branches such as Genetics, molecular biology, metabolism, epidemiology, and policy, internship, assessmentrisk, behaviour.


Two new projects for the RCN

Two consortia in which the research centerin Nutrition (CIN) of the Schoolof Pharmacy and Nutrition participates have been awarded two projects of researchin the frameworkof the call for strategic projects of research and development2019-2021 (identification BDNS: 424200) of the departmentof developmentEconomic of the Government of Navarra. The first of these (ALINFA) is included in challenge4 (ALPES II. Personalised and Sustainable Food) and the second (BIOFOOD) is included in challenge7 (SIBERIA I. Innovative Biotechnology Solutions for Energy, Health Challenges, Industry and Agri-Food). These projects will be developed in partnershipwith various companies and technology centres, and are directed by Dr. Santiago Navas Carretero and Dr. Fermín Milagro Yoldi, respectively.

projectHealthy, Accessible, Affordable and Healthy Food for Children (ALINFA)

projectThe use of biotechnology for the production of health-promoting ingredients and foods (BIOFOOD)


awardto the Best Communication congressISNN 12 July, Cambridge

Amanda Cuevas Sierra from research centerin Nutrition received the awardfor Best Communication at the congressof ISNN (International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics) held on 12 July in Cambridge. The congresswas also attended by Professor Alfredo Martínez and Dr. Fermín Milagro.


Three new projects for the RCN
Moreno, Roig and González Muniesa

The research centerin Nutrition (CIN) of the SchoolPharmacy and Nutrition has three new projects.

We are looking for volunteers
We are looking for volunteers

The research centerin Nutrition (CIN) of the Schoolof Pharmacy and Nutrition is looking for volunteers to participate in clinical trials of nutritional intervention. Interested persons can contact contactwith the Metabolic Unit of the CIN through the following numbers and email addresses:

Alfredo Martínez speakerhighlighted at the 17th Balearic Pharmacy workshop
Alfredo Martínez, in Mallorca

The health benefits of sport and its relation to the thematic pharmacy of workshop.

Last Friday, April 5, Full Professor in Nutrition Alfredo Martinez attended on behalf of the University of Navarra, the XVII workshop of the Balearic Pharmacy held in Palma de Mallorca.

Professor Martínez opened the lecture serieswith the discussion paper"Conventional slimming diets and types of fasting". This year, the workshopunder degree scroll"Health and sport" was attended by experts in both fields and their relationship with pharmacy. Among other topics, the benefit of sports internship, its relation to specific pathologies, children's sport, supplementation and orthopaedics were discussed in depth.


The research centerin Nutrition will be present at the XV congressof the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO).
congressof Vigo

María Jesús Moreno Aliaga, Professor of Physiology, has represented the Centre in the XV congressSEEDO held from 13 to 15 March in the city of Vigo. Moreno Aliaga has participated in the roundtableon Environment and Obesity with the discussion paper: "Obesogenic Environment: Fat myths and evidence". 

The congresshas brought together the best national specialists and international experts in all aspects of obesity, from the biology of adipose tissue, the control of metabolism and food intake, neuropsychological aspects, pharmacological treatment, sleep, per diem expensesand physical exercise. In this edition, special attention has been paid to childhood obesity, studying those measures that can prevent and mitigate it, highlighting physical activity and sport at an early age as an effective preventive measure. 



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