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Programme contracts

These are medium to long term contracts with companies deadline aimed at co-financing the Center's research that may be of interest to business. The companies that sign these programme-contracts, depending on the conditions agreed, may be co-owners of some of the results and, in any case, will be considered preferential clients, so that they will have a right of first refusal on:

* the transfer of results from the Center's researchto its own research and development+i lines;

* the provision of services under contract ( research and development contracts, nutritional intervention services, etc.);

* participation in EIBTs (technology-based companies)/Spin-offs that can be generated from the results of both the Center's own research and the results of "programme contracts";

The Center currently has two programme contracts:

Aplicaciones anidadas





Aplicaciones anidadas




Services to business

These are specific research and development+i projects under contract, nutritional intervention services, counselling, etc. Preference in the offer of services will be given to companies with which programme contracts are maintained. The Center's effort in area of services will not exceed 30% of the Center's total capacity.