Planning Service and development of the Campus

The Planning Service and development of Campus is part of the area de Ordenación del Campus and, like the rest of the services of this area, it attends to the three campus: Pamplona, San Sebastián and Madrid.

Its main functions are:

  • management of the demand.

  • Coordination of improvements.

  • Project planning.

  • development of spaces for teaching, work and relationship spaces.

  • development of campus: open spaces, relationship and living spaces at campus, including the implementation of sustainable Campus solutions.

  • Heritage conservation.


model of the campus




Cristina Muñoz Corsini

School of Architecture
Planta 1, despacho 1080
University of Navarra

31009 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 425 600 Ext. 802026

+34 948 425 600 Ext. 772797