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The Economic Area of the University of Navarra is made up of the Economic Administration Service, the Economic Planning Service and the Purchansing Service. The functions and the value that each of these services contributes to the University are as follows:

Aplicaciones anidadas

Funciones del Servicio de Administración Económica


Economic Administration Service

Its mission is to manage administrative processes of an economic nature in an agile and efficient manner , providing a comprehensive service to Schools, other business units, other services and Office of the Executive Council.

Among the main functions are:

  • management management assistant of purchase orders

  • invoice processing

  • making payments and control of collections

  • the payment of taxes

  • accounting for transactions and auditing

  • issuance of certificates, etc.


Funciones del Servicio de Planificación Económica


Economic Planning Service

Among the functions of this service are:

  • to be thepartner economic of the Centers and Services that make up the University.

  • To provide reliable and consistentinformation for better decision making. 

  • Project Office

  • Develop multi-year economic plans 


Quiénes somos Planificación Económica



Purchansing Service

The Purchasing function brings value to the University of Navarra:

  • Aligning the University's strategic objectives with the purchasing process.

  • Fostering business relationships based on professionalism and integrity

  • Providing goods and services, with a consolidatedmanagement to unify criteria and minimize risks.

  • Collaborating with suppliers in the maintenance of sustainable relationships that favor the fulfillment of the University's goals.

Quiénes somos Servicio de Compras