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Lorena Guembe

Director of the Economic Planning Service

CUN, FyD, research, CIMA, CEIT, Services



Mª Elena Gómez


Schoolsof Science, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, ILCE, ISEM, Madrid Headquarters.

Maria Brice


Tecnun, Schoolde Philosophyy Letras, Reporting and control of management

Lorena Martín


Works and facilities, IT-services, Bursar's Officeordinary, FAHUN

Maria Fernandez


Languages, Schoolsof Ecclesiastics, Educationand Psychology, MUN, Science Museum, Library Services

Ana Garcia


SchoolCommunication, Expenses of staff, curriculum

Marina Larumbe


Schoolsof Economics, Law, ISSA, School of Architecture, Income in teaching


Reporting teaching

Nested applications


Operational reporting

Operational reporting provides access to the analysis of economic information:

  1. budget performed on a cumulative monthly basis.

  2. report scenarios, which allows you to visualize the budget of several courses on the same report.

It also allows you to keep track of the business units. It contains the list of posted transactions, invoices to be posted and approve, and orders to be invoiced. Against the final budget it contains the balance available




Planning (Analytical reporting)

Through analytical reporting you will be able to access: Ad hoc reports, templates from budgetand analytical reporting.