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Aplicaciones anidadas


A congress inspired by financial aid 's first humanitarian expedition

Balmis & Zendal is a cooperative congress for development inspired by the first humanitarian financial aid expedition in history. It was carried out by the military surgeon Francisco Xavier Balmis, who was able to distribute the smallpox vaccine throughout the Spanish Empire and the Americas through what is now known as the Royal Philanthropic Vaccine Expedition or Balmis Expedition. Today, thanks to this expedition, the smallpox disease is considered to have been eradicated worldwide.

In this way, with ideas that manage to change the course of history, Balmis Congress was born, with the enthusiasm, vitality and restlessness of students from School of Medicine who yearn to be able to change the course of history.

The main goal of congress Balmis & Zendal is to arouse interest and promote research in cooperation at development, as well as to offer various opportunities for volunteer activities international, which are articulated in three pillars:


Balmis is inspired by the first humanitarian financial aid expedition in history.

Aplicaciones anidadas


volunteer activities international opportunities


What is and what is not cooperation at development?

Balmis & Zendal seeks to enrich the definition of words such as "financial aid", "cooperation", "volunteer activities", "development", through life experiences and master classes at position of recognised professionals.


Go to status

The congress brings the social reality of developing countries to development, so that the congress participants can put themselves in context and understand the problems that arise, as well as seek solutions and creative ideas through teamwork. Various workshops, debates and activities are organised for this purpose.


Get to know the projects

Balmis & Zendal wants to offer a space for small non-profit international cooperation projects with the goal is to establish a congressman-project relationship where there is the opportunity to get to know each other and encourage participation in this subject of initiatives.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


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