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Reflection on the search for the West

Isabel Latasa

Isabel Latasa, student of Degree in Humanities of the School of Philosophy y Letras, reminds us of the real purpose of this section: the importance of daring to give an opinion.

We live in fear. Fear of suffering and of making others suffer. Fear of uncomfortable questions and fear of being labelled as intolerant. At final, fear of thinking and talking too much. But who has marked what we consider to be "too much"? Whoever it was, it would surely be a well-meaning advocate of emotional well-being; an entity whose priorities were intellectual comfort and ideological pacifism.

At the same time as this identity seeks "not to think so as not to suffer" another identity emerges: that of "working hard to fill what I cannot fill with thoughts". This identity forbids contemplation, silence and time for dialogue. In exchange, it offers us consumerism. It offers us various material needs, which not only make us forget our deepest needs, but also make us lose sight of what is proper to the human being: the moral.

I have first explained the paradigm of this society to understand why universities no longer imply universal knowledge. Universities are now more like curriculum factories with more than 48 degrees per head. Gone are the days when, at university, students and professors asked themselves transcendental questions, trying, at the very least, to solve the world. What man's soul cries out for - man does not even know he has a soul - is no longer of interest. Now it is more interested in "the real needs of man" that are covered by studying careers in which you think little and work a lot.

There is no more education in dialogue, because dialogue is forbidden. We no longer think, because everything politically correct has already been said and there is nothing to think about beyond that. There are no more transcendental questions, because we are not transcendental beings. We no longer stop to contemplate, because there is no time. There is no more silence, because it echoes uncomfortably in the emptiness within. 

But the truth will save the world, and as long as Humanities survives in some Schools , the university, for some, can remain a safe space that will furnish your head and widen your heart.

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