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#Poetry in 280 characters

Valentine's Day Edition

For romantics and for those who are not so romantic. In this Valentine's week, Xiomara Tejada, first year student of the Degree of Literature and Creative Writingof the School from Philosophy y Letraswith this second part of #Poetry in 280 characters. @xiomaratejadap She offers us some fragments of her work in the form of tweets.

#Poetry in 280 characters

#Poetry in 280 characters
"There are already stories on Instagram and twitter; however, not between you and me. We are definitely lagging behind.

"Let us say that love is poetry and that the best verses have not yet been given and the best kisses have not yet been written". 

#Poetry in 280 characters
"Let's say the Covid is just a solution to kissing you alone". 

"My clay-coloured life touched yours and understood the distance of time. Clay reached the moon and created worlds around it. The clay hand stopped being clay and got used to your skin of unforgettable steel that had rusted from desiring what it cannot touch.

#Poetry in 280 characters
"The sun is envious of shadows and my shadows are envious of your footsteps".

"The loved ones ceased to be, but not to love each other".

#Poetry in 280 characters
"I want to know all the Anatomy of your lyrics and undress all your poetry, which begins at the corner of my mouth and ends with the cure of love".

"From love to hate is one step, but from 7.8 billion people in the world to finding you, there have been 19 years with steps that I now hate to have taken without love".

#Poetry in 280 characters

"I am glad that loving someone helps to love oneself, just as loving oneself helps to love well".

Come. Don't be afraid. Read to me. Read on. I see you're still here and that you're interested in what I'm going to say. This is not exactly poetry, this is me in letters and I guess I am the result of poetry or the attempt. I know how scary it is that someone is reading you, sarcastic that I'm reading you between my letters, but I assure you that in a few words I can make you stay with more and that 280 characters are just the turn I want you to give to your life. Twitter was my change, where I started writing and where I want to end up reading myself. Let's take another turn, let's go to the beginning. Come. Don't be afraid. 



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