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Kirafu Club

Acquire a global vision of the world of business and become a great leader tomorrow.

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Kifaru is the dream of group of students at the University of Navarra. It was created with the aim of goal to complement the Education that all students at School of Economics and Business Studies receive with the opportunity toacquire the necessary skills and guidance to become great leaders in the future.


It is led by a group of students from ADE International, ELG y design. a global vision of the world of business. Internally, they are organised into different Departments so as not to leave any of the needs of the club or its members unattended. Currently, there are External Relations, Marketing and speech and Internal Relations. They meet weekly to keep the club moving forward.

For us, the potential and talent that exists at the University of Navarra can be compared to a great diamond in the rough. If we shape it correctly, we can turn its students into exemplary leaders who, with their values, will move society forward in the future.

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Lo que hacemos

What we do

Students learn these values and qualities through a training programme throughout the course, consisting of theoretical and practical activities.

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Visits to companies

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