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Are you interested in economics, but also enjoy politics, geo-strategy or innovation? In reality everything is interrelated and in this Diploma, too. Leadership and Governance will enable you to analyse complex economic and social problems and provide you with the governance and leadership tools you need to learn how to make decisions and carry out your own projects. A training for you, if you are looking to make an impact and are ready to start now.

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Inquisitive, talented students with a passion for helping others. With knowledge languages and who are attracted to discovering new cultures and travelling. Young people with an interest in social, economic and political issues, with an international vocation and the ability to take on leadership roles.

  • knowledge interdisciplinary in subjects such as economics, philosophy, politics, International Office, sociology and creativity.

  •  Skills necessary for decision-making in complex environments, from the perspective of service and improvement of society.

  •  Tools from discussion, rhetoric, communication and Public discourse.

  •  Leadership, team management and emotional intelligence skills.

  •  International experience and intercultural competences.

  •  Capacity for self-knowledge and development of skills and competences.

Graduates of this programme are multi-skilled professionals who show a great skill ability to develop in organisations and innovative projects with the necessary competences to assume positions of responsibility and leadership.

Ideal candidates to work in international public and private organisations or in companies and projects focused on innovation. In addition to these, there are the traditional opportunities for graduates in economics.


2 exchanges / 2 international seminars.

5 years

Economics (bilingual).

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