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The world of institutions and public management implies having a deep knowledge of economic issues but also of the legal aspects of relations between individuals, institutions and countries. The School of Economics and Business Administration offers the possibility to study a Double Degree in Economics + Law.

This double Degree leads to the award of the:
- Degree in Law
Degree in Economics

This programme is aimed at students with strong work, time management and organisational skills. Due to the combination of Economics and Law subjects, students should be comfortable with mathematical concepts and tools as well as being able to study and understand legal concepts. 

What will you learn?

  • The Degree in Economics will provide you with an updated vision of how different companies are organised to develop their commercial and professional activities.

  • The Degree in Law will give you training in the legal system that structures relations between people, companies and institutions. 

  • You will have a very broad vision of the world of Legal and Social Sciences that provide a high level of understanding of social reality.

You will get the two complete Degrees for Economics and Law. 

You will be able to work in...

  • Agencies of development.

  • Market analyst, Public policy analyst, Economic analyst, Financial analyst, Monetary analyst, Central banks, consultant sectoral (finance, insurance, non-profit activities).

  • Director of organisations and economic institutions.

  • Mechanisms and institutional allocations designer.

  • State Economist, Diplomatic Career, Civil Administrator of the State or other classic competitive examinations in the legal world (State Lawyer, Judge, Public Prosecutor, Notary or Registrar).

  • Expert in economic cooperation, Expert in economic evaluation of projects, Expert in regulation of the skill, financial and markets.

And you will also be able to carry out:

  • 2 exchanges at foreign universities

  • Carry out the IESE Programme for students of School of Economics and Business Studies.