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Research projects



Climate change and plastic waste: legal challenges of the Economics circular as a paradigm for the protection of planetary health and justice (Justcircular). Principal Investigator: Aitana de la Varga Pastor. Funding entity: Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness research and development+i. Duration: 3 years (2021-2023). Member researcher: Andrea Cocchini.

2. Current challenges of the Land Registry: Blockchain and Protection of data. researcher principal: Elena Sánchez Jordán. Funding entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation. Start date: 2021. End date: 2025. budget Member researcher: Luis Javier Arrieta Sevilla.

3. The search for an international regulation of cybernetic activities: an unavoidable necessity (Cibinreg). Principal Investigators: María José Cervell Hortal Professor of International Law and International Relations. University of Murcia and Juan Jorge Piernas López (PI2). PID2020-112577RB-I00. Ministry of Economics, Industry and Competitiveness Aid to Projects of research and development+i in the framework of the State Programs of generation of knowledge and scientific and technological strengthening of the system of research and development+i oriented to the challenges of the Society (call 2020). budget: 21.780 €. Start date: 2022. End date: 2024. Research members: Eugenia López Jacoiste Díez and Andrea Cocchini.

4. Contractual justice mechanisms: cause and good faith. researcher principal: Rocío Caro Gándara and Bruno Rodríguez-Rosado. Funding entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation. Start date: 2021. End date: 2023. budget Cost: 24,200. Member researcher: Alberto Muñoz Fernández.

5. SDGs and Rights. Principal Investigators: Carlos R. Fernández Liesa, Full Professor of International Law and International Relations, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Ana Manero Salvador, Professor of International Law. Carlos III University of Madrid. Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness research and development. Start date: 2020. End date 2022. Member researcher: Eugenia López Jacoiste Díez.

6. Access routes and permanence in the employment for people with disabilities. reference letter AICO 2021/109. researcher principal: Francisco Javier Fernández Orrico. Funding Entity: Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society. Start date: January 1, 2021. End date: December 31, 2023. budget Funding: 51,500 euros. Member researcher: Inmaculada Baviera Puig.

7. Patrimonial vulnerability and staff: legal challenges. researcher principal: Mª Victoria Mayor del Hoyo and Sofía de Salas Murillo. Funding entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation. Start date: June 1, 2020. End date: May 31, 2024. project of research of PID2019-105489RB-100. budget: 50,215 euros. Member researcher: Inés Sánchez-Ventura Morer.


Research Group for Constitutional Studies of Free Trade and Political Economy. researcher principal: Gonzalo Villalta Puig. Funding entity: International Association of Constitutional Law. Start date: 2011. End date: open.


1. The teaching and cinema: a pedagogical strategy applied to Law. researcher principal: Mónica Chinchilla Adell. project de Innovación professor (Quality and Innovation Service, University of Navarra). Start date: February 2022. End date: September 2023. Research members: Eugenia López-Jacoiste, Pablo Gómez Blanes and Álex Corona Encinas.


Building Res Publica in a Culturally and Morally Complex Society: A Normative Inquiry Informed by History, Law, and Social Science". researcher principal: David Thunder. Participation: co-investigator (with 7 other researchers). Funded by: Fundación Ciudadanía y Valores. Amount: 38,950 Euros. Start date: October 2020 End date: October 2023. Member researcher: Pilar Zambrano.


Projects of research of the department