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Thermal and Fluids

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The group of Iermal and Fluid Engineering focuses on the modeling and analysis of systems, processes and products involving fluid flows (with or without thermal phenomena). To this end, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modeling and experimental techniques are used to develop new designs, improve and optimize current ones and develop simulation, design and analysis tools oriented to Username.

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Its lines of research are as follows:

 Thermal and Fluid Machines and Processes. Mathematical modeling and simulation by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of flow and heat transfer in all subject of industrial equipment: turbomachines, water meters, valves, etc. Mathematical modeling in concentrated parameters. Experimental obtaining of operating parameters. Analysis and optimization of design.

Multiphase flows. Mathematical modeling, simulation, experimental analysis and optimization of: Atomization systems: mechanisms of sheet breakage and training of droplets. Melt-blown systems: high velocity air flow, training and dynamics of polymer fibers. Wastewater treatment processes: Reactor aeration and flotation systems using microbubbles (DAF).

Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Mathematical modeling, simulation, experimental analysis and optimization of: ventilation and air conditioning processes of enclosures by free and forced convection. Cooling of power transformation systems. Cooling of electronic components. Cooling of electrical machines.

Biofluidics. Mathematical modeling, simulation, experimental analysis and optimization in the field of Biofluidics. Fluid-mechanical analysis in arteries (abdominal aorta, hepatic artery...): experimental and numerical study of flow patterns and pressures. research of the relationship between Fluid Mechanics and training of thrombus and aneurysms. Hepatic radioembolization: study of the influence of fluid-mechanical and geometrical parameters in the targeting of hepatic tumors and design of catheters.

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Miembros del grupo de Ingeniería Térmica y de Fluidos

Members of the group




Alejandro Rivas Nieto

Full Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842433

View CV "View Alejandro Rivas Nieto's CV".

Raúl Antón Remírez

Full Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842412

View CV "View Raúl Antón Remírez's CV".

Tomás Gómez-Acebo Temes

Full Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842230

View CV "View CV of Tomás Gómez-Acebo Temes".

Juan Carlos Ramos González

Full Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842434

View CV "View Juan Carlos Ramos Gonzalez's CV".

Gorka Sánchez Larraona

Associate Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842578

See CV "See Gorka Sánchez Larraona's CV".

Jorge Aramburu Montenegro

Associate Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842593

View CV "View Jorge Aramburu Montenegro's CV".

María del Juncal Bald Macarulla

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842507

Guillermo Griñan Ciria

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842577

Marta Gutiérrez de San Miguel de Paz

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842502

Fabian Lemarchand

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842501

Unai Lertxundi Ferran

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842498

Juan Ignacio Villarón Baz

Technician of laboratory and workshop


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842530

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The main current computational and experimental equipment at area is as follows:

►6 HP Proliant DLXXX Computing Servers (various models). From 48 processors and 64 GB of report RAM to 80 processors and 128 GB of report RAM.

►A PHOTRON FASTCAM MiniAX 200 high-speed camera. Up to 900 Kfps; 6400 fps full frame (1024x1024).
PHOTRON FASTCAM MiniAX 200 High Speed Camera

A MotionXtra HG 100-K/LE high-speed camera from Redlake with the capacity to take 100,000 images per second.
Redlake MotionXtra HG 100-K/LE

A ThermaCam P25 thermal imaging camera with package from research from Flir Systems.
ThermaCam P25 thermal imaging camera

Optoelectronic Fluid Dynamic Image Analysis System GSV (Global Size Velocimetry) extended to perform stereoscopic PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) and LIF (Laser Induced Fluorescence) from TSI. This system is used to measure velocity and temperature distributions in fluid flows and velocity and particle size distributions in atomised flows.
Optoelectronic Fluid Dynamics Image Analysis System GSV

A CTA hot-wire anemometry system model Streamline with two channels and 3D translation system from Dantec Dynamics.
CTA hot wire anemometry system model Streamline

A long distance Video Lens K2 Single Zoom microscope lens from Edmund Optics.
Video Lens K2

►A cold light system two 250 W HMI spotlights subject PAR.
Cold light system

►1 GSVITEC MultiLED G8 Set 320 W LED lighting system.
MultiLED LED lighting system


The software available is as follows:

►ANSYS CFD: 1 licence Associate, 25 Research licences and 240 HPC licences.






The students have several laboratories where they can carry out their practical work:

►laboratory of Fluid Mechanics

►laboratory of Heat Transfer

►laboratory of Pneumatics and Oleohydraulics

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Últimos proyectos destacados

Latest highlighted projects 

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PROYECTO MODITRANS - Modelización y Diagnóstico de Transformadores

project MODITRANS - Modeling and Diagnosis of Transformers

financiacion moditrans


project financed by MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033
and by the European Union-NextGenerationEU/PRTR.


Participants in the project Ormazabal Cotradis Transformadores (coordinator of the proposal), Centro de programs of study e Investigaciones Técnicas, Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa and the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra.


 New distribution transformer designs for public/private distribution and photovoltaic applications.

 New sensors that enable on-line determination of the dielectric oil quality.

 New system designs to minimize the transformer connection current, avoiding voltage dips during connection in weak networks that could cause the protections to trip.

 development of a methodology for the determination of the health index of transformers.






SISIVO: Sistemas de Aplicación de Adhesivo Termofusible

SISIVO: Hot Melt Adhesive Application Systems

Financiación sisivo


project funded by

sisivo desplegable



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Aplicaciones anidadas


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