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Industrial Automation and Instrumentation

Biomechanics and Biorobotics


Science of Materials

Industrial Constructions

Creativity and Aesthetics

design Industrial

Machine Elements

Ergonomics and Ecodesign

Artistic Expression

Graphic Expression

Physics II

History of the design


Fluid Mechanics

Mechanics II

Pneumatics and Oleohydraulics


project end of Degree (Ing.Mec)

project end of Degree (Ing.Tec.Ind)

project end of Degree (Ing. Dis.Ind.)

Resistance of Materials

Resistance of Materials II

Measurement and Instrumentation Systems

Workshop on design

Workshop design II

Workshop at design III

Techniques of design and Creativity

Modeling and Simulation Techniques (MECAN)

Manufacturing Technology

Technology of Materials

 Systems Technology and Automation

Vehicle Technology

Energy Technology

Machine Theory


Thermotechnics and Fluids



design from Structures (MII)

design and essay of Machines (MII)

Construction Industrialization (MII)

Industrial Installations (MII)

Thermal and Hydraulic Machines and Systems (MII)

Industrial Processes (MII)

Automated Manufacturing Systems and Industrial Robotics (MII)

project End of Master (MII)