General information

The project SUN was launched in 1999, and now has more than 22,500 participants. Inclusion of new participants is permanently open, with a rate of more than 2000 new volunteers each year.

Every 2 years we send our participants a new questionnaire. These are nominated with a "C", and the years that have passed since their inclusion. Starting at "C0". Followed by "C2", "C4", etc.

This cohort has a "dynamic" character, as the entrance of new participants is permanently open. And although it was initiated by the department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the School of Medicine of the University of Navarra, it currently has the invaluable partnership of other university centres, such as the respective Departments of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the Universities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Jaén, Cantabria, Zaragoza, Málaga, Santiago de Compostela and the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.

THANKS to the invaluable partnership of our participants, we are able to investigate the causes of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, depression, trauma, infertility, among others.

Can Mediterranean diet prevent diabetes?

The project is being funded through competitive proposals, including: F.I.S. (high school de Salud Carlos III), Government of Navarra and other public funding bodies.

As a result of all of the above, the project SUN has already borne fruit in numerous publications. publications.

Thank you for your interest in this project.
The coordinator SUN team.


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