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The course can be taken in its full three-week version or in a shorter version, starting on 27 June and ending on 8 July.


  • 1st week

    Monday 20 June, Pamplona. visitto the MUN and the Cathedral.
    Tuesday 21 June, Pamplona. visitto San Sebastian.
    Wednesday 22 June, Pamplona. visitto the Marqués de Riscal winery.
    Thursday 23rd June, Pamplona.
    Friday 24th June, Pamplona.
    Saturday 25 June. Trip to Bilbao.
    Sunday 26th June. Trip to Zaragoza.

  • 2nd week

    Monday 27 June. Madrid. visitto the Prado and Reina Sofía Museums.
    Tuesday 28 June. visitto the Royal Palace of Madrid.
    Wednesday 29 June. visitto Toledo.
    Thursday 30 June. visitto El Escorial.
    Friday 1 July. Cordoba. Cathedral-mosque.
    Saturday 2 July. Cordoba. Viana Palace, Reales Alcázares.
    Sunday 3 July. Seville. visitto Pilatos Palace, Seville Cathedral.

  • 3rd week

    Monday 4 July. Granada. visitto La Cartuja in the afternoon.
    Tuesday 5 July. Granada. Alhambra and centre of Granada (Cathedral).
    Wednesday 6 July. Barcelona. visitto the Gothic Quarter and Cathedral.
    Thursday 7th July. visitGaudí (Sagrada Familia, Casa Milá, Parc Güell).
    Friday 8 July. Miró Foundation and Closing at the Mies Pavilion.