Actividades formativas - Texto de actividades formativas

Training activities

The report verified doctoral program in Applied Creativity includes the following training activities:

1. Courses given by the Service of Library Services.

2. Course on protection of results from research and technology transfer.

3. conference seminars, conferences, congresses, workshops organized by the School and the groups of research.

4. conference seminars, conferences, congresses, forums, workshops in other universities and centers.

5. Stays of research in prestigious international centers.

6. mobility.

7. presentation of progress of research.

8. Scientific contribution.

See the detailed description of these activities.

Theses by compendium.

Actividades formativas - Desplegable de formación

Calendar of general training activities for the 23-24 academic year organized by the School of doctorate.

The annual monitoring will be carried out by Academic Committee on the basis of the following documents

  • a) report of Director of thesis on the activity carried out

  • b) Document from the Register of Activities

  • c) Plan of research for the following year

The Activity Register records the training activities carried out during the course. Below is the recommended path for the activity of a PhD student both full-time and part-time in the doctoral program in Applied Creativity that will serve as reference letter for the assessment of the work carried out:

1st year/evaluation

  • Completion of complementary training

  • project from thesis

2nd year/assessment (in addition to first year activities)

  • Completion of complementary training, if not completed in the first year.

  • Course on protection of results of research and technology transfer (educational activity nº 2).

  • 1 exhibition of the work carried out at department/area (educational activity nº 8). It is compulsory to do it at least once during the doctoral period.

3rd-4th year or to presentation from thesis (in addition to the above activities)

  • Course on protection of results of research and technology transfer (educational activity nº 2), if not already taken.

  • 1 presentation oral to congress/lecture International with conference proceedings published, as first or second signatory (educational activity nº 5),

  • 1 Publication accepted as first or second author in indexed journals (educational activity nº 9).

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