Objectives and competences

Objectives and competences

The doctoral program in Medicines and Health aims to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the techniques and methodologies involved in the development of a medicine from the initial idea of creating a new active ingredient until it reaches the market and is incorporated into the therapeutic arsenal.

From agreement with this, its general objectives are:

-To train new researchers and prepare teams that can successfully tackle the challenge challenge of drug science;

-Promote the training of new teachers in the disciplines related to this Science;

- To improve the professional, scientific and technical development of those postgraduates who are interested in this broad and very important field research field.

Graduates of this programme will be able to join multidisciplinary research groups within the complex field of medicines, both at the University and in pharmaceutical or related industries, research centres, medicines regulatory agencies and in hospital units research .

The doctoral program in Medicines and Health guarantees the acquisition by the PhD student of the basic competences, capacities and/or personal skills established in article 5 of Royal Decree 99/2011, in addition to the specific competences of the Programme.

- List of competences (.pdf)



Elena González Peñas

Programme Coordinator

Elena González Peñas

Campus University

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