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What will you learn?

You will train as a professional by receiving an advanced and specialised knowledge on cutting-edge topics in nutrition and metabolism, such as personalised nutrition, omics and obesity, among others.

It will provide you with the necessary skills for the research, its application in the food industry, attendance health and the work in all areas related to nutrition and metabolism. You will learn to integrate into a team multidisciplinary, to work critically and to develop skills in the application of the scientific method.

You will be introduced to the research, the food industry and its environment by renowned professionals from the university and business fields.

You will open up new prospects for work in the field of research, as well as in companies, consultancies, clinics, universities, laboratories and/or centres research. It gives access to programs of study from doctorate. 


- Practical sessions at laboratory: in small groups, specially designed to learn cutting-edge techniques specific to each of the scientific fields of the programme.

- work fin de Master's Degree: is a project of research in one of the lines of work developed at the University of Navarra, research center in Nutrition (CIN), Clínica Universidad de Navarra (CUN), food industry, research center or foreign university, to introduce you to the field of applied research .

The student will be assigned to a group of research under the supervision of a tutor. He/she will carry out the work end of Master's Degree in connection with the research of the different groups of the University. The final work Master's Degree may be carried out at another university or institution, national or foreign, under the supervision of a tutor of the University of Navarra.

Examples of Projects from research.

- Seminars/Workshops: with cutting-edge professionals, specialists in their professional field, who provide the most applied vision of their field of expertise work.

- Meetings with companies: industry symposium with companies in the food sector.

The profile of the students is varied, but all of them share a degree from Degree in Science or Health Sciences: Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy, Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Chemistry, Food Science and Technology, etc. They come from different national and international universities. 40% of the students are international.

You will be able to work at research, in the food industry and in the care sector:

- Departments of research and development+i of Food Industry
- Food regulatory agencies: AESAN, EFSA, etc.
- thesis doctoral
- Universities: teaching and research
- Units of research of Hospital Centres
- Public or private research centres
- Private practices
- Marketing
- Project management

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