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department for History, History of Art and Geography

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The department of History, Art History and Geography is a department of the University of Navarra. School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Navarra in which the professor activity of the Degree in History offered by this university centre is structured, as well as research in subjects related to the past, its cultural and community perception, its aesthetic dimension and its relationship with the landscape and the territory. 

The department is currently developing a series of lines of research that range from prehistory and archaeology to recent history, taking into account the identity of Navarre without, of course, neglecting research of a more general nature. Part of this research takes the form of an intense cultural and scientific activity carried out by the members of its academic staff and by visiting researchers and associates of the centre, and is transferred through two editorial bodies, the journal report y Civilización and the journal Cuadernos de Arqueología de la Universidad de Navarra, both of which have a long history.

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Javier Andreu


Javier Andreu

Edificio Ismael Sánchez Bella
University of Navarra

31009 Pamplona, Spain

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