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June 5 to 7, 2023



classroom Siemens Gamesa of the ICS Building of the University of Navarra




Virginia Gracia
Technical Secretary

Tel 948 425 600 (Ext. 803226)

Nested applications

Nested applications


The high school of Science of data and Artificial Intelligence (DATAI) of the University of Navarra organizes the VI congress Young Scientist in design of Experiments and Science of data (JEDE 6) together with the III DATAI Scientific conference , to be held on June 5, 6 and 7, 2023 in Pamplona (University of Navarra).


The Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DATAI) of the University of Navarra organizes the "VI Young Scientist Conference on Design of Experiments and Data Science" (JEDE 6)" together with the III DATAI Scientific conference, to be held on June 5, 6 and 7, 2023 in Pamplona (University of Navarra).

The five previous JEDE meetings took place in Toledo in 2010, San Cristobal de la Laguna in 2012, Pamplona in 2014, Salamanca in 2017 and Almeria in 2021. It was attended by young Spanish and foreign researchers, many of them from Latin America.

The maingoal of this congress is the exchange of knowledge and experiences between young researchers in design of experiments and science of data of Spanish universities and professionals of these areas of knowledge through the active participation in a meeting specially addressed to them. The presentations will take place in a relaxed and receptive atmosphere, with the presence of national and international experts who will motivate the scientific discussion .

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Organizing Committee

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Rubén Armañanzas (Chairman)
Raúl Martín Martín (UCLM)
Roberto Dorta (ULL)
José A. Moler (UPNA)
Camelia Trandafir (UPNA)
Juan Manuel Rodríguez (USAL)
Isabel Ortiz (UAL)
Alberto García
Álvaro Cía


Jose Luis Poveda
Juan Carlos Gamero
Carlos de la Calle
Edgar Benitez
Eduardo Iribas
Elena Martín
Horacio Grass
Ivan Cordón


Leandro Gonzalez
Mabel Morales
Marcos Lopez
Montserrat Miranda
Pablo Urruchi
Rocio Santos
Stella Salvatierra
Virginia Gracia


Scientific Committee

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Nested applications


Amparo Alonso Betanzos

Amparo Alonso Betanzos

President of AEPIA (Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence)
University of A Coruña


Enrique del Castillo

Enrique del Castillo

Distinguished Professor of Industrial Engineering and Professor of Statistics
The Pennsylvania State University

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Nuria Oliver

DirectorData Scientist
Data Pop Alliance


John Stufken

John Stufken

Department of Statistics
George Mason University

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Nested applications


Trevor Hastie

Trevor Hastie

Professor, Department of Statistics and Department of Biomedical Data Science
Stanford University


Chiara Tommasi

Universita degli Studi di Milano

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Jesús López Fidalgo

Jesús López Fidalgo (Chairman)

Director of DATAI

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Nested applications


If you are interested in participating or attend at congress, you can make the registration until May 15, 2023, by filling out the form below.

The registration will be effective upon payment of the registration fee through the payment gateway below. 

Fees from registration:

Reduced: Until March 31: 175€.

Normal: Until May 15: 275€.

Nested applications

Nested applications


Dates and deadlines


If you are interested in attend, with or without scientific contribution, these are the deadlines core topic:

  deadline from application scholarship for young people: until March 20, 2023.
  deadline The following is a list of the papers to be submitted for the Young Researchers' Awards: until March 20, 2023. The deadline is extended until March 31, 2023.
  Submission of abstracts: until April 30, 2023
  registrationuntil May 15, 2023
  Celebration of the congress: June 5, 6 and 7, 2023


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Scholarships for young people

Nested applications


This congress encourages the attendance and participation of young people. For this reason, a call for scholarship applications is launched for those who do not have an alternative means of financing, for example, through projects of research of their directors of thesis or of their organizations of origin. agreement We do not propose a reduced fee for young people, but rather the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, which will be granted in a greater or lesser amount according to the justification of their particular status . 

Young people under 35 years of age are eligible for these scholarships. The maximum financial aid will consist of the exemption of the fee of registration to congress, the accommodation and the trip. The closing dinner is not included in the grants. 

The applicant of the scholarship should provide:

  • A document signed by your director or director certifying your status. 

  • A letter of motivation explaining the need to apply for the scholarship due to lack of alternative financing with an approximate cost estimate budget .

  • Photocopy of the National Identity Card or other means of proof that you are of the age established to be able to apply for the scholarship.


To apply for a scholarship it is necessary to register at congress and without making the payment, check the box application of scholarship. The indicated documents will then be sent to jede6@unav.es.

The deadline of application of scholarship ends on March 20, 2023. The committee organizer will try to attend each status as much as possible by responding before the end of the deadline of enrollment reduced.

Nested applications

Nested applications


Youth awards

2 prizes are called for the best oral communications presented by candidates in the sessions of the VI Young Scientist Conference on Design of Experimentsand Data Science (JEDE 6), on the topic of design statistical of experiments or Science of data. Presentations and extended abstracts will be in English.

The goal of these awards is to encourage the research in the formative stage.

El plazo envío de trabajos para optar a los premios finaliza el 20 de marzo de 2023. Se amplía el plazo hasta el 31 de marzo 2023.

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The awards are aimed at young people in training predoctoral or recently obtained doctorates. To be eligible for the awards, participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Proof of researcher status or researcher at training.

  • In the case of having the doctorate no more than 2 years must have passed since the defense of your thesis .

  • Maximum age: 35 years old on the date of deadline for the submission of works set out in these instructions, with the possibility of an extension of a few months at apply for .

  • Each participant may only submit a single work which must be framed within the theme of the congress: design of Experiments and Science of data.

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How to get there?

The congress will be held at classroom Siemens Gamesa at Institute for Culture and Society (ICS).

The entrance is through the Ismael Sánchez Bella Building (Library Services de Humanities).
Campus of the University of Navarra.
Calle Universidad, 6
31009 Pamplona, Navarra


Where to stay?

Nearby hotels
Hotel Blanca de Navarra 4*.
Hotel Sancho Ramírez 3*.
Hotel Albret 4*.  

Most economical option
→high school Mayor Larraona (visit virtual).
- accommodation (which includes breakfast): 44 € (VAT included) per night.
- average pension: accommodation (including breakfast) and dinner: 54 € (VAT included) per night.
To make the reservation you will have to send an email to albergueresidencia@larraona.org, indicating the dates of the reservation and the name of the congress.


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