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Aplicaciones anidadas


The Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is a research, innovation and training centre of the University of Navarra that seeks a collaborative work of different groups and individuals of the University with the aim of achieving excellence in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. goal .


Its objectives include significant support for research, as well as innovation and knowledge transfer to the industrial, business and social spheres. There is also a strong involvement in the training of researchers, students and professionals. For this reason, the Institute runs an official Master's Degree in Big Data Science aimed mainly at young professionals, as well as PhD students, in different areas with significant data analysis needs.

The institute is attached to Tecnun. School of Engineering, and the board of directors has researchers from the Schools of Science and Economics. In also works with staff from almost all the University of Navarra's centers. It also brings researchers from outside companies.

Aplicaciones anidadas



Where we are

We are at Campus of the University of Navarra in Pamplona. On the leave floor of Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), next to classroom Siemens Gamesa. You can access through the Ismael Sánchez Bella Building (Library Services from Humanities).

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Virginia Gracia Sarrasqueta

Project Manager

Campus Pamplona 

Ext. 803226

Denise Abbud

Coordination and marketing

Campus Madrid

Ext. 850908


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Board of Directors


Fernando de la Puente

Executive Manager


Stella Maris Salvatierra

Deputy Director


View CV "View Stella Maris Salvatierra's CV".

Elisabeth Viles

Deputy Director


View CV "View Elisabeth Viles' CV".

Sergio Ardanza-Trevijano Moras

Deputy Director


View CV "View CV of Sergio Ardanza-Trevijano Moras".

José María González Gullón



View CV "View José María González Gullón's CV".


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International Advisory Board

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Schools Representative
Architecture Rufino Goñi Lasheras
Science Diego Maza Ozcoidi
Communication Idoia Portilla Manjón
Law Juan Carlos Hernández Peña
Economic Alejo Sison Galsim
Education and Psychology Martín Martínez Villar
Nursing María Pueyo Garrigues
Pharmacy and Nutrition Iñaki Fernández de Trocóniz
Humanities and Social Sciences Juan José Pons Izquierdo
Medicine Alfredo Gea Sánchez
Tecnun Ángel Rubio Díaz-Cordovés
Theology Rubén Herce Fernández



Institutions and other centres Representative
CEIT Saioa Arrizabalaga Juaristi
CIMA Mikel Hernáez Arrazola
CUN Josep Maria Gost Prat
IESE Sampsa Samila



External institutions Representative
BBVA Miguel Medina