workshopHumanists in the digital age

workshopHumanists in the digital age

The Humanities Digital has burst onto the scene as a new approach or way of approaching the cultivation, the teaching and the knowledge dissemination in the field of humanistic disciplines or social sciences. For this reason, it arouses the interest of many people who wish to incorporate the tools and methodologies of the Digital Age in their field of specialization , or who wish to find out about its content and possibilities of application.

This workshop aims to present the new laboratory of Humanities Digital School of Philosophy and Letters and to find a common work space for researchers and groups working or interested in these topics.

When: Friday, 11 December

Where: classroom 01. Amigos Building. The workshop will also be available online, via Zoom, at registration.


9:30 h.

presentation of the workshop.

9:45 h.

Opening session: Why are Humanities Digital Humanities a website we need? Nuria Rodríguez Ortega. President of the International Society of Hispanic Digital Humanities (HDH), Professor of Art History at the University of Málaga.

10:30 h.

presentation from laboratory of Humanities Digitales. Juan José Pons Izquierdo, coordinator

11:00 h.


11:30 h.

Experiences and projects in Humanities Digital: past, present and future. Short presentations (15 minutes maximum) of research/knowledge dissemination projects already developed or underway, followed by time for discussion, discussion and networking between the teams presenting initiatives and other participants*.

13:30 h.

Conclusions and closure of the workshop

*In order to select the experiences and projects to be presented in public (between 6 and 8), an open call will be made to any interested researcher or team. From among those that are presented, they will be chosen according to criteria of quality and technical and thematic variety.


Limited capacity. Zoom broadcasting

Organised by: laboratory of Humanities Digitals of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra.

Sponsored by: Humanities Digitales Hispánicas. International Society (HDH)

In collaboration with: UNED