What we do

What we do

By its very nature and objectives, the activity of laboratory is deployed in different areas:


The laboratory aims to develop a wide range of learning activities, both internal (for students and staff professor and researcher of the university itself) and external, to improve the knowledge and society's competences in this field. Among these actions, the following stand out:

  • training courses for teachers and researchers.

  • Specific subjects of Humanities Digital to be taught as electives.

  • Materials catalogue for self-directed learning.

  • Plan for the integration of Humanities Digital contents in the curriculum of Degree.

  • Tutoring of final projects Degree.

  • MOOCs.

  • Stays of research in other centres.

The specific initiatives to be developed can be consulted on the ACTIVITIES page of this website.


As a university entity, one of the objectives of laboratory is to promote the introduction of digital tools and resources in the humanistic research , as well as to advance in the knowledge of the field of Humanities Digital as a specific field of research. The following types of actions are envisaged:

  • development of research 's own laboratory projects.

  • Mutual advice and support for other projects. Networking.

  • training of interdisciplinary teams for application of projects and participation in other consortia.

  • development of thesis .

  • Provision of services to institutions and companies.

The specific initiatives to be developed can be consulted on the PROJECTS page of this website.


Many of the tools and projects of the Humanities Digital have a very interesting component when it comes to offering cultural and humanistic information to society, using media and channels that connect perfectly with current sensibilities and preferences, particularly those of the younger generations. From this perspective, in addition to the training activities and the dissemination of the conclusions and products obtained from the projects, the following types of actions are proposed:

  • Creation and maintenance of the laboratory website.

  • Elaboration of a monthly news bulletin bulletin .

  • archive online projects.

  • archive from instructions of data, images, etc.