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Aplicaciones anidadas


What will you learn?

The Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence has as goal to provide an advanced training and of character multidisciplinary in the techniques, methods and tools necessary to develop Artificial Intelligence projects in technological and industrial environments. 

The goal of the Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence is to train highly qualified professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve problems using Artificial Intelligence methods or techniques, responding to the high demand for professionals in this field. 

This degree program provides graduates with a global vision of the different practical applications of Artificial Intelligence in order to prepare versatile professionals who can apply this knowledge to the development of new products or services in the field of Artificial Intelligence.



Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


You will be able to work in...

Top industry leaders are looking for and expecting AI APPLICATIONS to bethe tools that will help them continue to significantly grow their businesses in the coming years.

Our students will be highly qualified to respond to this growing demand in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

The employment opportunities of Artificial Intelligence are:  

- management of general or partial artificial intelligence projects carried out by specialised engineering companies, specialised consultancies or Departments of engineering and information systems of companies.

- Analyst of data, scientist of data, in companies that generate a significant volume of data or in specialised companies that offer these services.

- Software developer based on artificial intelligence algorithms for application in machine learning or deep learning.

- Implement commercial platforms for intelligent systems. Be the link in the business with the consultancy or engineering company that installs artificial intelligence systems in order to ensure the success of project.

- Designer and development of natural language processors

- Expert in optimising production or logistical processes in industries 4.0

- development of collaborative robots.


They collaborate with us...

Leading companies in digital transformation through Artificial Intelligence collaborate in the teaching of Master's Degree. 

They collaborate with us

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas



It is not only important what to study, but also how to study in order to develop students' personal and professional skills.


Learning methodology 

Part of the learning consists of using new methodologies and tools that allow student to develop personal competences such as teamwork, conflict resolution, management of projects with agile or scrum methodologies.  

Aplicaciones anidadas


Mentoring and leadership development

Tecnun provides student with a mentor staff that accompanies them and financial aid in their development staff and professional career. 


Focus on teamwork

The teamwork is one of the skills most valued by the professional world and where companies detect the biggest gaps in competences. Our programme includes team projects for all its subjects but does not want to stop there. The teams are supported by professional experts in the development of high performing teams who collaborate in their training.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

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