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The Study program consists of 60 ECTS credit credit divided into 4 bimesters or modules. This degree scroll is face-to-face and starts at the end of September.

A minimum level of B2 in English is required for 30% of the subjects taught at language.

In all subjects we have professional teachers from business who will propose real challenges to the students from business. 


Data Science | 5 ECTS credit credit

Know and apply pre-processing techniques and data analysis for decision making in different use cases.

Machine Learning | 5 ECTS credit credit

Know and apply the main supervised and unsupervised machine learning models in different use cases.

Cloud Computing | 5 ECTS credit credit

Know the technologies and services available in the cloud to be able to manage massive data (Big Data) and implement artificial intelligence solutions.




Deep Learning applied to Computer Vision | 5 ECTS credit credit

Understanding and developing convolutional neural networks to address industrial problems such as product defect detection and localisation, classification, and segmentation. 

Smart Robotics | 5 ECTS credit credit

Analysis and study of perception and intelligent navigation methods applied to robotics in the context of Industry 4.0.

Natural Language Processing | 2 ECTS credit credit

Know and apply techniques for collecting data on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook for subsequent analysis.

Ethical Challenges of Artificial Intelligence | 3 ECTS credit credit

Understand the potential benefits and risks of the use of Artificial Intelligence in different fields, as well as the existing legislation to be complied with.


Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0 | 5 ECTS credit credit

Analyse the opportunities of AI in the automation of processes and services and its application in the field of IoT (Internet of Things).

management of Artificial Intelligence Projects | 5 ECTS credit credit

To know the methodologies and tools for the management of Artificial Intelligence projects and the business vision.

challenge Corporate | 5 ECTS credit credit

Analyse and design artificial intelligence solutions in different use cases with business professionals.

Biomedical Image Analysis | 5 ECTS credit credit

Image sampling and interpolation, tomographic reconstruction, image segmentation, computer-aided diagnosis. Legislation associated with the processing of biomedical data .


project End of Master's Degree | 15 ECTS credit credit

Carry out, present and defend an original project on artificial intelligence carried out individually, before a academic committee and professional, demonstrating the integration and application of the competences acquired.


You can find more information on the website of the Master's Degree Final Project at employment opportunities.

Each student should go to attend at class with their own laptop. The recommended requirements are: 

  1.  Equipment with Intel Core I7 processor or higher.

  2.  report 16 GB RAM (minimum 10 GB), in order to be able to dedicate at least 8G to a virtual machine.

  3.  Configured with SSD disk/disks, for storage of virtual machines.

  4. Port USB-C, HDMI.

  5.  Operating system: Windows 10.

  6.  BIOS: Virtualisation Enabled.

  7.  Wifi and internet access enabled.

  8.  Local Administrator Permissions.

  9.  One of the following browsers installed locally: Windows Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.

  10.  Min. 50 GB local storage available

  11. In some subjects, we will install Virtual Box as a platform for importing virtual machines.

  12.  The programming software used will be mainly open source (Python, R Studio).

message-National Agency for Assessment of Quality and Accreditation

At the end of the Master's Degree, you will obtain a degree scroll awarded by the University of Navarra. This degree scroll is in the process of being verified by the National Agency for Assessment of Quality and Accreditation


Double master's degree

The Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence can be carried out as a double Master's Degree in combination with Tecnun's enabling masters:

Students who choose to do the double Master's Degree will validate the third two-month period of Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence. The total duration of the double Master's Degree will be 2 years: