statement of core values of the University [PDF 60 KB].

University and life [PDF 38 KB] [PDF 38 KB

University and pluralism [PDF 263 KB] [PDF 263 KB].

Academic staff Regulations [PDF 240 KB].

Rules and regulations on Teaching Assistants [PDF 73 KB].

rules and regulations on teachers from institute of modern languages [PDF 135 KB] [PDF 135 KB].

rules and regulations on guest lecturers [PDF 106 KB].

rules and regulations on Emeritus Professors [PDF 69 KB].

Criteria for the award of the Silver Medal [PDF 73KB].

rules and regulations about Alumni [PDF 122KB].

Criteria for inaugural lectures [PDF 69KB] [PDF 69KB].

Guidelines in the event of death of University staff, administrative and service staff or students [PDF 76KB] [PDF 76KB].

procedure for event management [PDF 130KB].

rules and regulations from file General [PDF 143KB].

Conditions of use of car parks [PDF 38.3KB] [PDF 38.3KB].

rules and regulations for the registration of workshop [PDF 121KB].


Child protection

APPENDIX I: Activities involving contact regular activities with minors at the University [PDF 131KB] [PDF 131KB].

ANNEX II: guide of good practices for the development of activities promoted or authorized by the University of Navarra involving minors [PDF 227KB].

ANNEX III: Template for data collection [Exel 17KB].

ANNEX IV: Commitment of adults in activities with minors [PDF 143KB].

ANNEX V: Parental/Guardian Authorisation [PDF 94KB].

ANNEX VI: procedure for the application of certificate for non-sex offences [PDF 102KB].

ANNEX VII: Joint processing instructions for the application of certificate for non-sex offences [PDF 91KB].

ANNEX VIII: Authorisation as representative [PDF 76KB].

ANNEX IX: Multi-petition template enquiry of non-existence of sexual offences by parentage data [Excel 248KB].

APPENDIX X: Instructions for filling in the template [Excel 12KB].

ANNEX XI: Application Document [PDF 61KB].

ANNEX XII Practices involving contact habitual with minors [PDF 93KB].