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Delegates 22-23

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The Student Representation is composed of student delegates and subdelegates from the different Schools and schools of the University. It meets every two months (except during exam periods) to decide on the objectives set at the beginning of the academic year, and also on the suggestions that come from all students. Once the proposals have been evaluated, they seek to find a solution through the Vice-rectorate for Students.

In addition, Student Representation is part of the board of Governing Body of the University of Navarra, where students are listened to and attended to. The board is composed of the President, who chairs it; the vice presidents; the deans or directors of the Centers; the Administratorthe General Managertwo student representatives and the University Secretarywho acts as secretary of the board.

Its mission is to:

  • They implement the objectives set at the beginning of the school year.

  • They listen to your doubts, complaints and suggestions.

  • They study the cases that most interest and concern the students.

  • They encourage or channel project initiatives partner-cultural among students.

  • They represent all students on the Board of Governing Body of the University.

  • They organise activities for the whole university.

  • They inform, help and collaborate with all students.


University Delegates

Delegate: Óscar Tineo

Deputy: Marta Olaizola

Delegates from Schools and schools


Delegate: Valentina Maritza Corona Henriquez
Subdelegate: Helena Palet Bert


Delegate: Lucía Garcia Recaredo
Subdelegate: Óscar Ignacio Matheus López


Delegate: Vicente Martínez Robles
Sub-delegate: César González González

Delegate: Elena Díez de Ulzurrun Salicio

Subdelegate: Gonzalo Vázquez Orbaiceta

Canon Law

Delegate: Regis Otabela Ntomo

Subdelegate: Américo Osvaldo Ucuessunga


Delegate: Valentina Caro

Subdelegate: Jose Alejo spanish medical residency program

Education and Psychology

Delegate: Jesús Garro Lorenzo

Deputy Delegate: Marta Olaizola Anzola


Delegate: Victoria López-Bleda de Castro
Subdelegate: Álex Purnell Marqués


Delegate: Gloriana Cerdas Bulgarelli

Subdelegate: María Guitián Valderrábano

Philosophy and Letters

Delegate: Almudena Uclés Landín
Subdelegate: Izaro Díaz Manso

Engineering (Tecnun)
Delegate: Mario Ernesto Antelo

Subdelegate: Juan Fernando Salvador


Delegate: Andrea Velásquez Ortigosa

Deputy Delegate: Beatriz Prieto Sánchez de las Matas


Delegate: Ignacio Arrarás Gómez
Subdelegate: Nicholás Chérrez Nadau du Treil


Delegate: Óscar Rafael Tineo
Subdelegate: Alberto Sánchez Feria