The Board of Governors is made up of the members of Office of the Executive Council, the Clinic's generaldirector and the directors and deans of the main academic centres. It meets at least once a quarter and, in addition to its statutory powers, serves as a forum for sharing experiences and deliberating on the main strategic lines of governance.

It is made up of:

  • President: María Iraburu Elizalde

  • Vice President for Faculty Pablo Sánchez-Ostiz Gutiérrez

  • Vice President for Research and Sustainability: Paloma Grau Gumbau

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs: Secundino Fernández González

  • Vice President for Students: Rosalía Baena Molina

  • Vice President for Communications and Development: Gonzalo Robles González

  • University Secretary: Jesús Mª Ezponda Iradier

  • Administrator: Igor Errasti Alcalá

  • General Manager: Álvaro Balibrea Cárceles

  • Dean from School of Law: Mercedes Galán Lorda

  • Dean, School of Medicine: Marta Ferrer Puga

  • Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences Julia Pavón Benito

  • Dean, School of Communication: Charo Sádaba Chalezquer

  • Dean, School of Sciences: Luis Montuenga Badía

  • Dean, School of Nursing: Mercedes Pérez Díez del Corral

  • Dean, School of Canon Law: Joaquín Sedano Rueda

  • Dean, School of Pharmacy and Nutrition: María Javier Ramírez Gil

  • Dean, School of Theology: Gregorio Guitián Crespo

  • Dean, School of Economic Sciences: Ignacio Ferrero Muñoz

  • Dean, School of Education and Psychology: Concepción Naval Durán

  • Dean, Ecclesiastical Philosophy School : Sergio Sánchez-Migallón

  • Director of the School of Engineering: Raúl Antón Remírez

  • Director, School of Architecture: Carlos Naya Villaverde

  • Dean of IESE: Franz Heukamp

  • General Manager, Clínica Universidad de Navarra: Joseba Campos

  • Director of ISSA School of Applied Management: Victoria Rodríguez Chacón

  • University Chaplain: Eduardo Terrasa Messuti

  • delegate: Óscar Tineo

  • University Subdelegate: Marta Olaizola