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The delegates are the link between the students and the University and represent their peers. The Student Representation of the University is composed of the delegate and subdelegate of each School and school of the University. They meet periodically to decide on the objectives set at the beginning of the course, and also on the suggestions that come from all the students. Once the proposals have been evaluated, they seek to find a solution through the Vice-rectorate for Students. In total there are 31 representatives.

In addition, the Student Representation is part of the board of Governing Body of the University of Navarra, where students are heard and attended. The board of Government is made up of the Presidentwho presides over it; the Vice Chancellors; the Deans or Directors of the Centers; the Administratorthe General Managertwo student representatives and the University Secretarywho acts as secretary of the board.

Mission of the Student Representation

Aplicaciones anidadas



School of Education and Psychology



School of Humanities and Social Sciences




Delegados y subdelegados de las facultades y centros de la Universidad depslegable

Delegates and sub-delegates of the Schools and centres

Delegate: Marta Idoate Zapata
Subdelegate: Isabel Sandoval García
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Delegate: Adrián Tomás Torres Palés
Subdelegate: Tania Patricia Sáinz Zuñiga
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Delegate: César González González
Subdelegate: Juan Cortés Escartín
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Delegate: Martina Ducay Pérez de Prado
Subdelegate: Melina Pilar Sequeira Teruel
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Delegate: Américo Osvaldo Ucuessunga
Sub-delegate: Jaroslaw Marek Gomulka
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Delegate: Mattia Scutto
Sub-delegate: Prosper Francis Makene

Delegate: Pablo Gutiérrez Ubierna
Subdelegate: Marcos Val Hernandez
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Delegate: Marta Olaizola Anzola
Subdelegate:Javier Cortijo Rojo
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Delegate: Fabiana Perillo Sortino
Subdelegate: Irati Erdozain Martínez
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Delegate: María Guitián Valderrábano
Subdelegate: Gloriana Cerdas Bulgarelli
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Delegate: Almudena Uclés Landín
Subdelegate: Álvaro Pérez Asensio
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Delegate: Juan Fernando Salvador Morla
Subdelegate: Pablo Constantino López-Madrazo Luengo
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Delegate: Andrea Velásquez Ortigosa
Subdelegate: Camila Álvarez Sosa
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Delegate: Gonzalo Schoendorff García-Reboredo
Subdelegate: Angela Casanova Escribano
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Delegate: José Rolando Becerra Ramírez
Subdelegate: Alder Harol Alvarez Maltez Alder Alvarez Maltez
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consejos para elegir un buen delegado

Tips for choosing a good delegate

Normativa de la Universidad-respresentacion-estuidantil-desplegable

rules and regulations of the University

The Student Representation is the channel established for the participation of students in the configuration of academic life and in the development of its ordinary and complementary activities, of agreement with the rules that regulate them. The Student Representation is structured at the Course, Center and University levels. At each level there will be a Delegate, a Subdelegate and several Councilors, who will constitute the corresponding committee . It is understood as Course, each one of those that for an academic year - continuously or in semesters - appear in the corresponding Study program .

  • The committee of the course will be composed of the Delegate, the Subdelegate and a issue of Councillors equivalent to 5% of the issue official students enrolled in the course, up to a maximum of eight.

  • The committee of the Centre will be made up of the Course Delegates and Subdelegates, and chaired by the Centre Delegate and Subdelegate.

  • The committee of the University shall be made up of all the Delegates and Subdelegates of the Centre, who shall elect the Delegate and Subdelegate of that Centre from among their number. committee

The members of the Student Representation shall ensure that all students in their respective areas are provided with sufficient information regarding issues and incidents that may affect their studies and other university activities, using the means that the University may provide for these purposes.

More information

  1. Monday of the second week of September: publication of the call for elections. 48 hours before the date of the elections, the deadline for the express submission of candidates is 48 hours before the date of the elections. 

  2. Wednesday and Thursday of the third week of September: election of representatives of group/course

  3. Friday of the third week of September: proclamation of school councils and convocation of school elections. 

  4. Monday of the fourth week of September: holding of centre elections

  5. Tuesday of the fourth week of September: proclamation of school councils

  6. Thursday of the fourth week of September: University elections

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Aplicaciones anidadas

Reconocimiento de Créditos por actividades de Representación Estudiantil

Recognition of Credits for Student Representation Activities

Delegates can obtain 1 optional ECTS credit per academic year, up to a maximum of 3 ECTS credit, if they comply with the following requirements:

  • Serve as a Delegate or assistant student representative or group for the entire duration of the academic year

  • Participate in delegate training sessions organised by your School or School and those organised by the University.

  • Collaborate with the course coordinator as a member of the course committee .

  • submit on time at report where the student indicates the objectives set out in the committee of the course, the goals achieved and their roles in it

Más información sobre el reconocimiento de créditos boton