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The Unit for Attention to People with Disabilities (UAPD), which reports to the Vice-Rectorate for Students, has as its mission goal to guarantee equal access and inclusion for all students.

Furthermore, it wants to collaborate in the construction of a more supportive and better university for all, agreement with the guidelines set by the Organic Law 4/2007 of 12 April, and the University Student Statute C by Royal Decree 1791/2010 of 30 December.

The Unit responds to the needs of students in the following areas:

  1. Information, advice and guidance

  2. Equal opportunities

  3. training and awareness-raising

  4. Universal accessibility

It forms part of the network SAPDU of Support Services for People with Disabilities at the University, together with 56 other Spanish universities.

The UAPD will provide support to the academic centres, and it will be they who will respond to the specific needs derived from disability, both for students at Degree and postgraduate program of the University, once they have completed the corresponding application of registration.



Carolina Baiges

Unit of Attention to
Persons with Disabilities (Tantaka)

Campus universitario s/n

31009 Pamplona, Spain

948 42 56 00 Ext: 802912



Those people who, due to their Degree activity limitation, need some adaptation to take the tests of Admissions Office to the University, can go to the UAPD to receive the necessary financial aid . To do so, they should fill in the document "application de Adaptación para las Pruebas de Admissions Office" and send it to

The UAPD will provide support to Schools and schools to respond to the specific needs arising from the disability of those students enrolled and who have requested it.

In addition to the resources available from the University of Navarra Scholarships and Grants, the UAPD will keep all students informed of the calls for scholarships and grants for students with disabilities. The following can be highlighted:

The University of Navarra and the Universia Foundation have signed a "partnership agreement for the loan of aids from the Universia Foundation's Bank of Support Products" so that student body with a disability can attend university normally programs of study .


The beneficiaries of the Bank of Support Products will be students enrolled at the University of Navarra who have a disability of 33% or more. certificate . They will be able to apply for the loan of the product for a academic year.

The products shall be used exclusively for the development of the programs of study university courses in which the beneficiary is enrolled, or of the professional internships to be carried out in connection with these courses programs of study.


The processing of loan at the University of Navarra will be carried out through the Unit for the Attention of People with Disabilities (UAPD).

The University of Navarra's Library Services offers users with special needs a personalised service to facilitate their access to and use of the resources available to them.

These services can be accessed at apply for by people who have difficulty in accessing mobility, who are hearing impaired, visually impaired or blind, or who are affected by duly justified long stays in hospital.

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The UAPD will work together with the coordinators of International Office of the University of Navarra and of the host or home universities, for the management of aid, resources and support that the student may need throughout the period of training, both in Spain and abroad.

The Disability Care Unit carries out the following actions in the field of labour inclusion:

  • It coordinates with the Career Services service of the University the offers of work and internships.

  • Keeps students with disabilities informed of internships and offers from work that come through the agreement of the ONCE Foundation and FSC Inserta, for the Participation of University Students with Disabilities in External Internships.

  • Keeps students with disabilities informed of internships and offers from work that come through the Universia Foundation.


In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of data, the Unit for the Attention of Persons with Disabilities, attached to the Vice-Rectorate for Students of the University of Navarra, will adopt the necessary measures to guarantee that the data of a staff nature existing therein are used exclusively for the purposes and functions of public law that it has been entrusted with.