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The student will have a advisor who will evaluate curricular adaptations, alternative itineraries or programs of study .

Both the admission procedure and the access tests and requirements have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of articles 15 and 18 of RD 822/2021. In this sense, students with special educational needs will have in the admissions process with an academic advisor that will evaluate the need for possible curricular adaptations, itineraries or alternative programs of study .

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The rules and regulations may be adapted to cases where special needs can be justified.


This may occur in temporary or permanent situations, due to physical, psychological or partner- family or otherwise. In these cases, possible curricular modifications will be considered as long as they are compatible with the acquisition of all the competences required for degree program.

Students with special educational needs or those taking programs of study part-time , who are unable to comply with the rules and regulations permanence requirement, should consider each year their status before formalising the enrollment, in order to adapt it to their possibilities of dedication to their studies. For these students who have to take their programs of study part-time , exceptions to the minimum number of enrolment credits per academic year will be allowed.


Follow-up of the student



Tutors or counsellors pay special attention to students with special educational needs.

Once enrolled, each student is provided with an academic advisor or tutorwho and advises them from the moment they join the programme until the end of their academic the objectives of the training programme effectively and on time. time.

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At the University of Navarra there is a long tradition of counselling or tutoring.


Each lecturer plans to dedicate at least three hours per week to the attention staff of students. If a student is unable to see a lecturer on the schedule scheduled for counselling, it is recommended that the student contact the lecturer by email at student so that an interview can be arranged for another time.

The content of these interviews is varied but is always aimed at accompanying the student in his or her training and professional pathway encouraging the initiative, independence and creativity necessary in the design of his or her own academic and professional profile .

The counsellors, insofar as they know the interests of the students who come to them, make it easier for students to turn to other colleagues at academic staff who can also provide them with guidance.



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Meetings are held at each academic year with the participation of the Associate Dean-Director of programs of study, course coordinators and student representation.


These meetings are used to organise and evaluate the development of classes, practicals, exam schedules and other activities related to the teaching. The Associate Dean-Director of programs of study together with the rest of the management committee carries out an analysis of the students who have any subject in an exam session above the sixth. Each case is studied in order to detect special situations, problems, etc. and to take the appropriate decisions. The status of students with special educational needs enrolled at degree program is also analysed in detail.

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