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Counselling is an indispensable element of the University's project educational , which aims at the integral formation of students; it provides student committee and guidance so that they can develop their full potential and make the most of all aspects of university life.

Counselling makes it easier to discover horizons beyond the strictly academic: cultural life, sport, solidarity and the personal development offered by the University.

In the first year of the course, a teacher mentor is assigned to each student. Thereafter, interviews can be arranged - usually by email - at the initiative of the student or mentor.



Aplicaciones anidadas


It is personal

It provides individualised committee and guidance. It is offered to all students, also to those who are only at the University for a limited period of time, such as exchange students or postgraduate program.


It is free

In contrast to the tutorials on framework of the subjects, counselling is not evaluable. What is discussed in counselling interviews remains within the scope of the relationship with mentor. apply for Students can always talk to lecturers other than the assigned mentor and also, when circumstances make it advisable, a change of mentor can be requested (a change of mentor can be made through the secretary's office at School when necessary).


It is universal

It is offered to all students at Degree and postgraduate program.


1st year students. The financial aid of mentor focuses on:


Ensuring a good study method

As a starting point, student can fill in a questionnaire (button below) to think about it and, if you want, share it with your mentor.


University integration

One of the functions of mentor is to provide students with information to help them integrate into the University: their identity and their statement of core values. The mentor can provide the student with information material and deal with questions of interest.


Professionals from day one

Being a university student implies a way of being, presenting oneself and behaving, which translates into concrete attitudes that prepare for future professional life. It is not just a matter of establishing general rules; these aspects must be incorporated through personal development , sometimes with the help of financial aid and the support of mentor.


Involvement and participation

Culture, sport, solidarity and the different activities that take place at campus are part of university life. The habit of knowledge and academic reflection is an important part of university life, as is that of the "university experience", through activities that allow people to relate to other university students with whom they have common interests to share. The mentor can help to discover this experience, which does not distract from studies, but rather reinforces them.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas





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Informing and guiding in the beginning of university studies.

Contribute to training in personal habits and professional competences

Guidance on pathway academic

Decision-making support in the field of vocational guidance



Professional Competence Programme

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