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Discounts, financing and payment methods


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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas



Cost and Grants Study

We offer you tailor-made financial advice, bringing you closer to the possibilities that will make sure that nothing stops you from continuing to grow. By requesting a Cost and Scholarship Study we will help you get the best scholarship and financing options available to you. The result Cost and Scholarship Study is binding. You must have a myUNAV account with at least one application for admission.

Aplicaciones anidadas

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Bonuses in the enrollment (Students of access to 1st year)


Incentive Scheme

It is a special pricing system available to students who have financial difficulties in order to attend programs of study from Master's Degree at the University of Navarra.

Conditions for participation.

Aplicaciones anidadas


- Be admitted to one of the official master's degree programs that will be offered at the University of Navarra in the academic year 2024-2025.

- The per capita family income for the 2022 fiscal year is less than 20,000 euros (25,000 euros in some cases).

- To have obtained a grade average higher than 7 in the programs of study of Degree that gives access to Master's Degree, with the exception of some programs for which this requirement does not exist.

- Once participation in the Incentive Plan has been confirmed, student will be informed of the amount of the total enrollment of the Program Master's Degree.


- All credits enrolled in first and second call will be paid at the rate assigned to student, updated according to a percentage to be determined by the University close to the CPI in the second year.

- The subjects that have as grade "Fail", "Absent" or "Withdrawal of convocation" are considered not passed. The Incentive Plan does NOT apply to repeated credits. Those subjects not passed will be paid at the corresponding regular amount, just like the rest of the students.


- The incentive amount of the enrollment can only be discounted through the Alumni discount.

- The Incentive Plan cannot be accumulated to any discount, the only exception being the one mentioned in the previous point. In the event that any discount could be applied, this will always be the most beneficial for student. 

- The Incentive Plan is compatible with the scholarship Santander Master's Degree University of Navarra and public scholarships.


Those who are interested should apply for the Admissions Office in the portal miUNAV, providing the documentation required for the Cost and Scholarship Study. 

The resolution of the Cost and Scholarship Study, which will give access to the Incentive Plan, will be communicated within the deadlines foreseen for the resolution of the Admissions Office.

For further information, please contact contact with the Admissions Service's Student Funding Office by email( or by telephone(+34 948 42 56 56 14).

Aplicaciones anidadas


Discounts for large family

The University wants to reward the loyalty of large families who invest their efforts in their children's future.

The reductions are calculated according to issue of children enrolled in the same academic year at the University and the position of each of them in the family group .

instructions discounts large family



Cash discounts

The University has C a 5% early payment discount for those prospective students applying for admission from Master's Degree, who are admitted and pay their enrollment in full by February 29, 2024 (inclusive).

Prompt payment terms



alumni of the University of Navarra

alumni of the University of Navarra

The discount on the price of enrollment represents a reduction of 12% on the cost of the enrollment*.

In the double Master's Degree of engineering, for those who have not previously studied at the University of Navarra, this reduction is applied in the price of the 75 credits of the second degree program (see maximum price).

The discount cannot be combined with any other University discount, with scholarships from public bodies, with scholarships from the University of Navarra - group Santander, or with scholarships or grants that may be awarded in certain programmes, unless expressly stated otherwise.

(*) IESE Business School programmes are excluded from this plan.

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Financing channels

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Bank loans

Bank loans

The Admissions Service (Office of Financing Studies) has the following offer of bank loans and credits with special conditions for students of the University of Navarra.

*The studentshould contact contactbeforehand with the bank of your choice, either one of those listed in this list or any other, in order to apply forthe loansufficiently in advance, so that you can have the amount of the enrollmentthe day you have to formalise it, in order to pay it to the University.

Direct Loans

Direct Loans

Direct Loans

The University of Navarra participates in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program. The U.S. Department of Education (the Department) lends the money directly to students through the student's school. The university certifies the following loans from the Direct Loan program.

1.- Subsidized loans
Unsubsidized Loans
3.- Plus Loans (parents and graduates may apply)


Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Forms of payment for Master's students


Payment Methods

To find out how to pay for the enrollment enquiry this website.
The information is available at section guide of enrollment point Price of the enrollment, bonuses, discounts and payment methods.