training in animal experimentation

training in animal experimentation

From the academic year 2018-2019, the subject "training in Animal Experimentation" will be taught as elective subject for the students of Master's Degree (3 ECTS credit). The use of experimental animals is regulated by a legal framework that ensures their protection and the researcher acquires a responsibility for the welfare of the animals. This subject complements the subject "Animal experimentation" for the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills in the design and elaboration of research procedures using in vivo experimental systems.

To obtain the theoreticalcertificate of "training for working with experimental animals" equivalent A, B and C, the subjects "Animal experimentation" (compulsory) and "training in animal experimentation" (elective subject) must be taken. To obtain the full certificate a period of work under supervision (TBS) must be taken during the TFM or even later, at a business, after the end of Master's Degree.



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