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Aplicaciones anidadas


Aplicaciones anidadas


What will you learn?

MERC is based on three distinctive elements:

Aplicaciones anidadas


An interdisciplinary and innovative vision

Of the contents that combine training in management skills, reputation and social intelligence. Having the partnership of a research center such as ICS adds unique value to the programme.


An international approach

Thanks to academic and professional alliances with partners of global prestige. The trajectory of Master's Degree in speech Politics and Corporate, the Building Universities' Reputation and the contacts of School of speech make it possible.


A platform for access to professional best practices in the sector

With the possibility of establishing relevant relationships. The experience and professional connections created over the years ensure the quality of this networking.


Format and methodology

The MERC is an executive Master's Degree , so classes take place on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. This allows professionals from all over the country to take the course. It also has an intensive week in Madrid.

The classes, which are face-to-face, combine the case method typical of business schools with other teaching methodologies that are adapted to the triple need to train student as a manager, intangible manager and professional with social intelligence. In this way, group activities, seminars, discussion and discussion sessions alternate with lectures and master classes. 


Professional projection

The Master's Degree Executive in Corporate Reputation is aimed at training, with an international approach , the managers responsible for reputation and intangibles that the current market demands: with training management, social intelligence, oriented to add value to their organisations, experts in speech, working - with method and metrics - in the cultivation of reputation. To this end, it has a team of professionals and high-level professors, facilities with abundant resources and a method of work based on participation, the methodology of business schools and the holding of special sessions with professionals from the sector.

It also completes the training for CEOs, human resources directors, managers, managers of internationalization and institutional relations, and other managers interested in the management of intangibles.




MERC has a committee advisor dedicated to the constant improvement and updating of the programme in connection with the demands of the labour market. This improvement process is carried out through the implementation of the strategic lines for development suggested by the advisory body.

The committee is chaired by the director of the Center for University Governance and Reputation of the University of Navarra, Dr. Juan Manuel Mora, and is made up of the following personalities: