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The Master's Degree in Corporate Reputation is aimed at university graduates with a degree in Communication or Social Sciences; communication professionals with at least 5 years of experience.




The admission criteria are:
- Curriculum vitae and transcript: 30%.
- Case study: 30%.
- Personal interview: 40%.

Admision: desplegable

The candidate must register in the portal MyUnav and upload the required documentation:

1. One passport-size photograph

2. Photocopy of ID card or passport

3. certificate official academic transcript of qualifications of the degree of Degree that gives access to the qualifying master's degree (Order Edu/2075/2010). This document must be issued, stamped and signed by the academic authorities of the home university. It must be an original document or certified. Copies or documents generated via websites will not be accepted as they lack academic validity.

*This document does not have to be presented by graduates of the University of Navarra.

4. Curriculum vitae. Document containing the professional and academic experience of candidate.

5. A letter of recommendation. A document in which a prescriber evaluates the personal and academic qualities of candidate and explains the suitability of profile for the Master's degree.

6. Payment of €100 for the admission fee

You will have to solve a case study in English and you will have a personal interview.

When the application for admission is complete (online application + case study + interview), the selection committee of candidates for the Master's Degree in Communication School will evaluate your profile, taking into account the merits accredited in the application form. application for admission of agreement according to the following criteria: 40% personal interview / 30% case study / 30% CV and transcript.

The resolution is sent by e-mail and can be consulted at portal miUNAV.

If you are admitted, you must pre-register for the master's degree (reservation from place) by the established deadline by paying a deposit of €3,000, which will be deducted from the total price of the course enrollment.

The pre-registration payment is non-refundable and is formalised in accordance with the instructions of the Portal miUNAV.

Once you have been admitted, you will be able to formalise your enrollment through Portal MiUnav on the date indicated to you by the Admissions Service.

Cambridge First or B2


Economic information

The enrollment includes:
- Expenses of teaching and teaching materials.
- Hospitalization and accident insurance in Spain.
- Complementary activities: receptions, visits to institutions.

The University of Navarra allows different payment methods aimed at facilitating the financial management of students who pay taxes in Spain.

Due to the exceptional situation of the Coronavirus pandemic, the international stay will be of an experiential and voluntary nature and will therefore be paid for by those students who wish to attend attend.

Aplicaciones anidadas

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