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The Master's Degree in design and management Environmental Buildings (MDGAE), is anofficial and bilingual (Spanish-English) Master's Degree , whose goal is to train the student in design and management sustainable in the architecture sector, to be able to deal with the complexity of today's projects. The program lasts 12 months, starting in January and ending in December.

goalThis Master's Degreewas launched in 2010 in response to the growing demand from project offices and companies in the sector for specialists in sustainability at Building, to design efficient environmental projects and carry out life cycle analyses of buildings, environmental certifications and energy audits, with the aim of reducing the impact of Building.

The Master's Degree programme prepares students to be specialists capable of working in an international environment and in multidisciplinary teams. The result is the incorporation of graduates into the labour market under unbeatable conditions of competitiveness and efficiency. For this reason, the employment rate rate of the Master's Degree in design and management Environmental of Buildings is 95%.

What will you learn?

The MDGAE offers a large developmentin the field of environmental and constructivedesign, focusing on environmental, social and economic sustainability, energymanagement (active and passive measures), materials (sustainable materials, life cycle analysis, healthy materials), environmental certification of buildings (BREAAM, WELL, LEED, infrared thermography) and new construction systems that allow the design and construction of sustainable buildings.

The quantification of sustainability, the internationalization of Master's Degreethrough stays in other countries and the incorporation of international professors, the specializationand innovation, the workend of Master's Degreeat business, the internships and the learning methodology manage to approach the subject of Master's Degreefrom a global point of view, ensuring that students acquire the necessary skills to develop their professional degree programin an international and multicultural environment.

Students carry out an international placement at trainingat another university or technology centre abroad. Until the academic year 2019-20, the stays have been at Cardiff University (United Kingdom) and Technische Universität Dresden (Germany). From the academic year 2020-21 the stay will be at the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt (Germany). Depending on the optional modulechosen (advanced sustainability or business), advanced sustainability students will carry out a second international stay.

Both the curricular internships and the TFM developed in companies, with a minimum duration of three months, constitute the possibility of applying the knowledge acquired at Master's Degreein a real working environment.

As it is an official master's degree, it enables you to study for a doctorate at entrance .

You will be able to work in...

  • design architectural programs of study and engineering (design and quantification of the passive measures of a new or refurbished architectural project ).

  • design of the optimal active measures for each building, with special emphasis on renewable energy systems. Air conditioning, lighting and water systems management .

  • Building monitoring (comfort sphere, sensors, thermo-flujimetry, etc.), thermography, infiltration studies, etc.

  • Energy simulation of buildings with Design Builder, calculation of thermal bridges using THERM.

  • management, supervision and assessment of civil works projects.

  • Energy and projectaudits.

  • consultancy service sustainability.

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) applied to buildings as tool for the choice of Materials and building systems. tool Simapro.

  • management of a building's construction waste to minimise it. Reuse, recycling of Materials.

  • research and Education.

Aplicaciones anidadas

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Recruiting Day

The Recruiting Day is held annually at campus in Madrid, a workshop where the companies collaborating with the Master's programmes interview candidates with a view to incorporating students with profiles that are suitable for the tasks they perform and the business philosophy into their workforces.

Aplicaciones anidadas

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What does it bring to our students?

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