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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


The Master's Degree University Degree in General Health Psychology qualifies graduates in Psychology to practice the official and regulated profession of General Health Psychologist of agreement to the seventh additional provision of the law 33/2011, of October 4, General of Public Health.. It is important to highlight the importance of being able to train psychologists in this profile, which combines the scientific knowledge with the comprehensive care of people.

The goal of the Master's Degree is to provide the conceptual, procedural and attitudinal training necessary for the professional practice of the General Health Psychologist with the highest possible quality, through a varied Study program that forms and trains the student in all areas of General Health Psychology.

For this purpose, the Master's Degree has a team of qualified professionals and professors, facilities with abundant resources and a method of work based on active participation, personalized seminars, case studies, work in teams and experience internship.

The MPGS is based on three distinctive elements:

Aplicaciones anidadas



Professionals and professors of recognized prestige, with an eminently professionalizing approach that, in turn, integrates the research and development+I.



High quality internships and legal and logistical advice related to opening your own enquiry, with a triple approach of innovation and research, professional excellence and social and solidarity commitment.



contact with experts in the sector and with professionals at internship to facilitate professional insertion.