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Training complements

Access to Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering is also possible from Degrees of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronic Engineering and Industrial Engineering Chemistry . ECTS credit Students who have studied any of the above degrees will have access to Master's Degree by completing 18 complementary courses at training prior to the start of the course. 

These training complements are analyzed in a personalized way by the Academic Director of Master's Degree and can be taken at modality online in summer or in person between 3rd and 4th year at semester in which the subject of Degree is taught.  

Students who take complementary courses at training will start the Master's Degree in September or February, after having passed the complementary courses at training.

The subjects to be taken are listed below, depending on the Degree that the student has studied and the modality chosen from the complements.

Nested applications


modality on-site


modality Online- Tecnun


modality Online - Other Universities

The academic management of Master's Degree will analyse the Study program made by the candidate and will define the 18 ECTS credit that the student will have to carry out - prior to the beginning of Master's Degree - from the list of subjects shown below:

Electrical Technology - 6 ECTS credit

Electrical Systems - 6 ECTS credit

Power Electronics - 4 ECTS credit

Introduction to Labview - 2 ECTS credit

Computational Fluid Dynamics - 2 ECTS credit

Measurement and Instrumentation Systems - 2 ECTS credit

Elements of Machines - 4 ECTS credit

Industrial Constructions - 6 ECTS credit

Strength of Materials II - 2 ECTS credit