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Double Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and Technological Innovation

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The Double Master's Degreeallows the studentto take the Master's Degree qualification in Industrial Engineering (MII) and to continue for two more modules in the Master's Degree in Technological Innovation (MINT), both official qualifications and taking a total of 135 ECTS credit.

With these programs of study, you acquire the perceptive degree scrollthat enables you to exercise the profession of industrial engineer in Spain and, on the other hand, you obtain the trainingin business strategy and new technologies. As result, it allows the studentto acquire a differentialprofile for the labour market.

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Clara Malcorra

Clara Malcorra

Madrid Campus

28027 Madrid, Spain

+34 914 514 341

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Our goal is to prepare our students for a strong start in the workplace. That is why the involvement of the business world in Master's Degree is one of our priorities.

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with IESE
business world

Our faculty includes professionals from leading companies, as well as professors from IESE Business School, who bring the reality of the business world closer to our students and also allow them to start their professional network. The programme includes numerous visits to companies in different sectors and enables students to complete their final project Master's Degree in them. The double Master's Degreeincludes professionals from prestigious companies such as Endesa X, IBM, Santander, BBVA, Huawei, Gestamp, Telefónica Innovation Wayra, OpenBank, VASS, KUKA, COTEC, Capital Energy, Aciturri, VMWare, Vodafone, Bosch, BCG, IDOM, IMDEA, Gamesa, VASS, Sener, CAF...


Mentoring Programme and developmentleadership

Mentoring that puts at the disposal of studenta mentor staff that accompanies you and financial aidin your development. Our mentors are professionals with extensive experience in the developmentof people.


Differential methodology
and work
in teams

The workteam is one of the skills most valued by the professional world and where companies detect the biggest gaps in competences. Our programme includes team projects for all its subjects but does not want to stop there. The teams are supported by professional experts in the developmentof high performingteams who collaborate in their training.


in Israel

A week of intensive trainingin Tel Aviv, Israel, where students will be immersed in one of the leading international innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems. During this week, students will have a personalised training programme where they will meet experts in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Study programMII

This block of subjects is dedicated to industrial constructions, from the design of Structures constructive , through construction techniques and execution of works, to the provision of industrial installations such as water supply, heat generation, electrical or fire protection installations, as well as covering the relevant rules and regulations for this subject of installations.

Students study finance, strategic planning and project management, as well as operations management covering production planning, quality, management purchasing and information systems. Students are also trained at Personnel Management Service in accordance with codes of good practice and are trained in aspects such as leadership, management talent and change management, which will be essential to lead the digital transformation of the industry. Part of this module takes place at IESE in Madrid.

Block dedicated to electrical energy systems from generation and transport to receiving installations, covering the legal aspects related to them. On the other hand, students are trained theoreticallyinternship to design and implement industrial electronics systems, mainly sensorisation for safety. Finally, students are trained in the analysis and optimisation of both engineering processes Chemistry and production Materials under the context of Life Cycle Assessment. The digital transformation of industry is also addressed from various technological and process aspects.

This block is dedicated on the one hand to the study of machines and thermal and hydraulic systems, where concepts of turbopumps and internal combustion engines are covered theoretically-internship, as well as design, manufacture and essay of machines within a collaborative work multidisciplinary . And, on the other hand, it is dedicated to automated manufacturing, developing practices with robots.

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Study programMINT

Machine Learning (5ECTS)

This subject introduces the instructions of Machine Learning from a practical point of view, in order to apply the concepts to the resolution of real projects. Students will learn about the process followed to carry out a machine learning project and will learn about the problems related to the use of algorithms, data collection, transformation and deployment of the models.

Optimisation and decision-making (5 ECTS credit)

The fundamental concepts of linear algebra are the basis for the techniques and algorithms that allow solving statistical, probability and optimisation problems. Decision-making models are based on solving problems of this subject and to understand in depth how these models work it is necessary to understand how these tools work and the mathematical concepts on which they are based.

Strategic management in digital environments (5 ECTS credit)

Competences: dealing with technological changes and new technologies available, both from the strategic and operational point of view of the organisation. 

  • Corporate vision applied to digital environments

  • Tools and methodologies applied for the development of Strategy

  • Innovation in business models

  • Sustainable and resilient organisations


Innovation ecosystem (5 ECTS credit)

To understand the functioning and the main challenges of innovation ecosystems and to equip them with tools for management and participation in this ecosystem subject :

  • Introduction to innovation ecosystems

  • Strategic Technology Management

  • Open Innovation

  • Entrepreneurial mindset and methodologies

Connected systems (4 ECTS credit)

To know the characteristics and limitations of the main technologies applied in the digitalisation of companies and their use in different sectors and functional areas.

  1. Cloud Computing

  2. Blockchain

  3. IoT, positioning and 5G communications

Ethical Challenges in Technological Environments (2 ECTS credit)

Technology is transforming our world. In this context, it is essential that engineers are able to achieve a synthesis of scientific and practical knowledge that incorporates ethical reasoning.

  1. Man, technology and the common good

  2. Ethics in the digital world

  3. Responsible and sustainable engineering

Digital Technologies (4 ECTS credit)

Information systems are the digital layer of products, services and processes. This subject explains the elements that compose them and how to analyse and design these elements to support the development, management and use of digital services and products.

  1. Fundamentals of Information Systems (formats and DB)

  2. Web applications (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

  3. Web Application Interaction (Sessions and Ajax)

  4. Prototyping an application

  5. Experience of Username

  6. Software engineering

  7. Cybersecurity


Master's Thesis

Carry out, present and defend an original project of technological innovation carried out individually, before an academic and professional tribunal, demonstrating the integration and application of the competences acquired. 

You can find more information on the website of the Master's Degree Final Project at employment opportunities.

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The complete price of the double Master's Degree in Technological Innovation and Industrial Engineering can be found at this link. link (includes international stay).  


 One-time subscription: Students should pay the enrollment fee by direct debit bank transfer, check made payable to the University of Navarra, bank transfer or card of credit .

 Bank loans and credits: The attendance University Service has compiled extensive information on bank loans and credits from various institutions.

 installment payment: Spanish students or students with residency program legal status in Spain may take advantage of this payment system that allows the amount of the enrollment to be divided into 10 equal monthly installments, by using the financing plan agreed with the main Banks and Savings Banks. In this modality of installment payment, for every 1000 euros deferred, the result is an approximate monthly payment of 102.89 euros.