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Pasos para la admisión

Admission Process

Candidates will be selected on the basis of personal and academic characteristics. The selection process will take into account the Curriculum Vitae and transcript Academic, letters of recommendation and a personal interview.

Students of Degree in Industrial Technologies can access directly to Master's Degree. Students from other Degrees engineering courses in the industrial branch, specifically Mechanical Engineering, Electrical, Electronics or Chemistry Industrial, will have access by completing a series of previous complements. These training complements are analysed on a personalised basis by the Academic Director . In general, there are a total of 18 ECTS credit to be taken beforehand.

In case of studying another Degree of the industrial branch, the detailed plan will be discussed with each candidate for fill in the necessary training.

1. Register at portal MiUNAV, apply for admission

2. Upload the required documentation: transcript current academic record, 2 letters of recommendation, CV, English qualification, photocopy of National Identity Card and passport photo.

3. As the documentation is uploaded, an interview is conducted with the Programme Director, either by telephone or in person if possible.

4. Make the payment of the €100 administration fee.

5. Within a maximum period of two weeks, the admission decision will be given.

6. Finally, it is necessary to make the reservation of place with the payment of 1000€ (which will be deducted from the enrollment).


The process of Admissions Office to Tecnun Masters is done from the portal miUNAV of the University of Navarra.

In it it will be necessary to fill in information from student and attach the information requested for the study of your candidacy to Master's Degree. 

Tecnun students internal call for applications

1.- application Admission until December 21, 2023

2.- application from enrollment (and reservation from place) until January 10, 2024.

1st Regular Call

1.- application Admission until February 1, 2024

2.- application from enrollment (and reservation from place) until February 29, 2024*.

*During this call for applications you will be able to take advantage of the 5% discount. You must pay the complete enrollment of Master's Degree to obtain this discount.

3.- enrollment open in May 2024 (to be specified).

2nd Ordinary Call:

1.- application Admission until May 10, 2024

2.- application from enrollment (and reservation from place) until May 31, 2024.

3.- enrollment open in May 2024 (to be specified)

re-sit examination period:

1.- application Admission until August 30, 2024

2.- reservation from place and enrollment until September 10, 2024.  

The complete price of the Master's Degree - 90 ECTS credit and 18 months of duration - can be found at this link link. In addition, you will have to add 95 € for the cost of administrative office.

Go to section Admission and Master's Grants for more information.

Payment methods:

  • One-time payment: Students must pay enrollment by direct debit, cheque drawn in favour of the University of Navarra, bank transfer or card credit card.

  • Bank loans and credits: The service of attendance University has compiled extensive information on bank loans and credits from various institutions.

  • installment payment: Spanish students or students with residency program legal in Spain can take advantage of this payment system that allows the amount of the enrollment to be divided into 10 equal monthly instalments, by using the financing plan agreed with the main Banks and Savings Banks. In this modality of installment payment, for every 1000 euros deferred, the monthly payment is approximately 102.89 euros.

Aplicaciones anidadas


The Master's Degree University Degree in Industrial Engineering qualifies students to practice the profession of Industrial Engineer in Spain. It is oriented to students who have studied Degree in Industrial Technologies. In case of having studied Mechanical Engineering, Electrical or Industrial Electronics, access is allowed by taking a series of training complements prior to Master's Degree. 

The master's degree can start in either September or February.

This master's degree is for you if...

You have intellectual curiosity for development of the necessary skills and a desire to deepen your knowledge in the knowledge area of industrial engineering. Candidates must have initiative and motivation to pursue quality and excellence in their work, respect for professional ethics and intellectual integrity.

Admission criteria...

The weighting of the admission criteria will be as follows:

  • transcript and Curriculum vitae (including proof of English level: Level B2 Fisrt Certificated or equivalent): 50%.

  • Letters of recommendation: 10%.

  • Personal interview: 40%.

Students in possession of a degree scroll issued by a foreign university need to homologate their degree scroll before apply for the Admissions Office in the Master's Degree University of Industrial Engineering. This homologation process is carried out by the Ministry of Universities and you can see the procedure in detail here.

If you are studying in a country outside the European Union, in addition to the above tests, we will also carry out an assessment of professional competences. For students with special needs, the University has a Disability Care Unit (UADP)at your disposal.

Tecnun School of Engineering Scholarships...

The School of Engineering of the University of Navarra announces a call for applications scholarships for students of Master's Programmes who wish to take the postgraduate course.




The Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering can be combined with the Master's Degree University Degree in Technological Innovation and with the Master's Degree University Degree in Engineering data analysis obtaining a double Master's Degree:

Access to this option will be allowed in case of compliance with the requirements access requirements of both programmes.



Susana Montes-Tallón

Susana Montes-Tallón

Campus San Sebastian
Paseo Manuel de Lardizabal, 13
San Sebastian, Spain
+34 943 21 98 77



Clara Malcorra

Clara Malcorra 

C/ Marquesado de Sta. Marta, 3
Madrid, Spain
+34 914 514 341
+34 676 007 650


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Aplicaciones anidadas

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