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The MUII is committed to comprehensive training and complements the technical approach of the engineering Degrees with an orientation towards personal development and teamwork, training professionals who will lead the companies of the future.

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Orientation to the business world


Mentoring, which provides student with an mentor staff who accompanies him/her and financial aid in his/her development. Our mentors are professionals with extensive experience in the development of people.


Focus on teamwork


Our goal is to prepare our students for a strong start in the workplace. That is why the involvement of the business world in Master's Degree is one of our priorities.

Our academic staff programme has professionals from leading companies who collaborate with our teaching, as well as lecturers from IESE Business School, who bring the reality of the business world closer to our students and also allow them to start their professional network. The programme also includes numerous visits to companies in different sectors and enables students to complete the project Final Year Master's Degree in companies.


Mentoring and leadership development


The teamwork is one of the skills most valued by the professional world and where companies detect the biggest gaps in competences. Our programme includes team projects for all its subjects but does not want to stop there. The teams are supported by professional experts in the development of high performing teams who collaborate in their training.