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The Master's Degree in advisory service Fiscal is a pioneering official degree scroll in Spain. It has more than 20 years of experience and has been one of the most highly valued by rankings and employers in Spain. The same is true at international level, where its quality and projection is recognised.

What will you learn?

The goal of the programme is to train excellent specialists in taxation, who are capable of optimising compliance with tax obligations, planning operations and Structures to achieve efficient taxation, as well as defending taxpayers before the tax administration and in the courts, with respect for the deontological and ethical principles that govern the profession.

The Spanish tax system is studied in an exhaustive manner, including all taxes and the procedures of the tax administration. The programme begins with the study of the rules of private law that regulate the legal transactions subject to taxation and continues with the basic and advanced concepts of each tax. At the same time, notions of European Union tax law and taxation in other international areas are studied in English.

Once the previous subjects have been completed, student takes the subjects focused on learning about tax planning, both at national and international level, taxation of financial products, advice on mergers and acquisitions, wealth management, taxation of strategic sectors, intra-group transactions and anti-avoidance measures against tax fraud.

Learning is complemented by other subjects of an instrumental nature, which are also necessary for the optimal exercise of the profession, from Accounting and Financial Management, which are taught throughout the course, to legal English classes in order to obtain the International Legal English Certificate (ILEC) issued by the University of Cambridge. purpose The student also learns communication skills, as well as the use of information sources, management software from knowledge and invoicing; all with the aim of improving performance and efficiency at work.

At the end of the academic period, students are able to work in a real professional environment and carry out integrated analyses of tax, financial and accounting problems, as well as settle taxes, draft appeals, opinions and reports. This is the time when the professional internships are carried out in tax consultancies, law firms, consultancy firms or leading national and international companies.

During the internship, the student is faced with the completion of the end-of-degree work Master's Degree . The latter challenge involves the resolution of a real case that requires the combination of all the knowledge and skills acquired during the programme, as well as its subsequent defence in court.

You will be able to work in...

Companies (employees)

I work in law firms, in legal consultancies of large companies, specialised marketing, Departments of human resources, employee of banking, employee of legal consultancies, consultancies, employee of trade unions, employee of NGOs, vacancies in International Organisations and Agencies, etc.

Employers particularly value the training received by our students because, from the very first moment, they are able to carry out their work with solvency and efficiency. For this reason, top national and international firms carry out selection processes for our students every year.


And also...

You will attend an International Legal Week at IESE Business School in New York. The course programme goal aims to provide you with advanced knowledge on dispute resolution and management of international law firms, taking the American market as reference letter .

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