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The academic staff of the Master's Degree of Telecommunication Engineering is made up of PhDs who combine their work professor with research in various scientific-technological fields in the field of telecommunications, international professors from the prestigious high school of Fraunhofer in Germany (FhG) as well as professionals from companies in this sector.

IESE Business School (Madrid)

As part of the programme of activities, they will spend a week at the prestigious IESE Business School in Madrid, where they will have the opportunity to learn from great professionals from the world of telecommunications and face practical challenges in which they will have to solve real situations in companies in the sector with the help of the School's professors financial aid .


design of Telematic Networks

Enrique Reina Martín

Santiago Figueroa

Audiovisual Communication Systems

Hector Solar

Igor García Olaizola

Business Administration and Telecommunication Projects

Hector Solar

Leire Labaka

Marta Ormazabal

Javier Gutiérrez Boronat

Erik Fernández Escudero

Unai Alvarado

Electronic Communication Systems

Roc Berenguer

Ainhoa Cortés

Antonio Irizar

Mobile and Wireless Systems

Igone Vélez

Ainhoa Rezola

Leticia Zamora

Radio Frequency Communications

Jaizki Mendizábal

Rainer Wansch (Fraunhofer IIS)

Dr. Christian Rohde (Fraunhofer IIS)

project End of Master's Degree

Joaquín de Nó