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The Master's Degree is aimed at students with previous training of Degree in Telecommunications Engineering who wish to fill in their training to lead projects in the field of telecommunications at national and international level.

This master's degree is for you if you have...

Intellectual curiosity for development of the necessary skills and a desire to go deeper into the knowledge area of telecommunication engineering. Candidates must have initiative and motivation to pursue quality and excellence in their work, respect for professional ethics and intellectual integrity.

Admission criteria...

The Master's Degree is open to Spanish or foreign students, preferably with previous training in the fields of Communications Electronics Engineering or Telecommunication Systems Engineering Degrees . 

Students in possession of a degree scroll issued by a foreign university need to homologate their degree scroll before apply for the Admissions Office in the Master's Degree of Telecommunication Engineering. This homologation process is carried out by the Ministry of Universities and you can see the procedure in detail here.

If you are studying in a country outside the European Union, in addition to the above tests, we will also carry out an assessment of professional competences. For students with special needs, the University has a Disability Care Unit (UADP)at your disposal.

Tecnun School of Engineering Scholarships...

The School of Engineering of the University of Navarra announces a call for applications scholarships for students of Master's Programmes who wish to take the postgraduate course.


Admission process

  • transcript Academic and Curriculum Vitae: 50%.

  • letter of reference: 10%

  • Interview staff: 40%.

1. Register on myUNAV.

2. Fill in the form admission application form and attach the required documentation.

3. In the event that the admissions committee considers it appropriate, it will contact contact with candidate for an interview and/or additional documentation apply for .

4. You can check the progress of your application on Portal at candidate, but we will also keep you informed by e-mail.

5. In the case of a positive decision, pre-enrolment must be carried out within the established dates. 


The process of Admissions Office to Tecnun Masters is done from the portal miUNAV of the University of Navarra.

In it it will be necessary to fill in information from student and attach the information requested for the study of your candidacy to Master's Degree. 

1st Ordinary Call:

1.- application from Admissions Office until February 28, 2023.

2.- application from enrollment (and reservation from place) until March 31, 2023.

3.- enrollment open in May 2023 (to be specified)

2nd Ordinary Call:

1.- application from Admissions Office until May 10, 2023.

2.- application from enrollment (and reservation from place) until June 6, 2023.

3.- enrollment open in May 2023 (to be specified)

re-sit examination period:

1.- application from Admissions Office until August 30, 2023.

2.- reservation from place and enrollment until September 12, 2023.

The complete price of the Master's Degree - 90 ECTS credit and 18 months of duration - can be found at this link link. In addition, you would have to add + 95 € for the cost of administrative office.


Starting in September 2022:
enrollment September 2022: 60 ECTS credit ( 1st course).
enrollment September 2023: 30 ECTS credit (2nd course)

Starting in February 2023:
enrollment February 2023: 30 ECTS credit ( 1st Course).
enrollment September 2023: 60 ECTS credit (2nd Course)

Go to section Admission and Master's Grants for more information.

- transcript academic

- Curriculum vitae

- A letter of recommendation

- English language accreditation

- Photocopy of National Identity Card/passport

- One passport-size photograph

- Proof of payment of 100 € (non-refundable)




The Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering can be combined with the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and the Master's Degree in Technological Innovation, thus obtaining a double Master's Degree. 

Access to this option will be allowed in case of compliance with the requirements access requirements of both programmes.

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