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The FAST-YOGURES study, part of a larger EU-funded project , studies the immediate and medium-term effects deadline of the consumption of new yoghurts (sweetened or sweetened) on blood markers, body sensations and consumer acceptance.

Criteria for participation in the study

We are looking for:

→ Healthy, non-smoking men and women

→ Age 18-60 years

→ With excess weight (BMI 25-35 kg/m2)

→ Regular consumers of sweetened products and sweetened products

Useful information for the volunteer
The study is divided into three blocks, during which you will be asked to consume a yoghurt that we will provide you with daily at home. In addition, each block will have two study visits (one at the beginning and one at the end of the block) which will take place at the research center in Nutrition (CIN) of the University of Navarra.

As a thank you sample for your time and effort, you will receive compensation.

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in participating, you can contact us by email(voluntariosnut@unav.es), call 948 42 57 44 or fill in the form at registration.

The GLUCOCAPS study aims to study the effect of a nanoencapsulated zein product on blood glucose control.
We are looking for men and women between 18 and 70 years old, overweight/obese and with high glucose levels. 
Your participation will consist of coming to our facilities on several occasions and following the instructions for taking the product, according to outline:

If you are interested, you can register at the form (click here to fill out form) or contact us at +34 948 42 57 44

Increased consumption of fruit and vegetables through drinks designed to promote weight control in the school population.

goal of the study
The main objective of goal is to test the efficacy of the inclusion of fruit and vegetable-based drinks to promote energy reduction and increase the fibre content of the per diem expenses, compared to the usual diet, in group of overweight or obese children from Education primary school.

Criteria for participation in the study
Children aged 6-12 years, with excess weight.

Useful information for volunteers
The project has a duration of 8 weeks in which there will be 2 groups: the group intervention group and the group control group.

Both study groups will receive nutritional recommendations to follow a weight control per diem expenses and in addition, the intervention group will be provided with a fruit and/or vegetable drink, to be taken once a day.

Assignment to one or the other group study site will be completely random, so volunteers will not know which group they will be assigned to until the study starts.

Over the 8 weeks of the study, a total of 4 visits have been set up.

At the start and end visits, the child must come fasting and with a stool sample sample . A blood sample will be taken at sample and then anthropometric measurements and body composition analysis will be carried out. Blood pressure will also be measured and a series of lifestyle questionnaires/per diem expenses will be completed. The duration of these visits will be approximately 1 hour.

You are invited to participate on a completely voluntary basis and at no financial cost. If you are interested in having your children participate, please contact us by email at voluntariosnut@unav.es (Subject: MEDKIDS). issue Include contact phone number and schedule preferential call .

Funder of project:

Center for Industrial Technological development (CDTI) through the Strategic Program of Consortiums of research National Business (CIEN)


To evaluate the impact and usability of practical dietary strategies aimed at facilitating a healthy and balanced per diem expenses .

Criteria for participation

In order to participate, it is necessary to meet a series of criteria that will be reviewed by staff researcher . The main ones are:

- Age between 18 and 65 years old

- Excess weight (BMI > 27.5 kg/m2)

- Non-smoker

- No special diets (e.g. weight loss, veganism)

- No training professional in dietetics and nutrition


This is a nutritional study that requires a visit to the Intervention Unit of research center in Nutrition of the University of Navarra on 3 occasions.

The first visit will last approximately 90 minutes. It will take place between 9:00 and 17:00 h, from agreement with its availability. Its main goal will be to check compliance with requirements participation and familiarization with the study procedures.

The next two visits will last approximately 3 hours. They will take place at noon (between 12:00 and 15:00). These sessions will include lunch, which will be provided at laboratory. In addition to lunch, you will be asked to:

- fill in a series of questionnaires

- Provide blood samples

- Perform an image manipulation task

When you leave laboratory, we will also ask you to keep a record of food and beverages consumed during the rest of the day and perform a second image manipulation task before bedtime.

Your participation is entirely voluntary and unpaid. No transportation costs or car park will be reimbursed. However, in recognition of their dedication, all participants who have completed the study will be given a gift consisting of an instrument designed for promote balanced nutrition.


If you would like to participate or want to know more about the study, please contact the team at researcher:

- By e-mail: voluntariosnut@unav.es (indicating PORTIONS-3 in the subject line)

- Calling to: 948 425 600 extension 802467

- By filling out the "form - database of volunteers" that you will find at the bottom of the page.

Funder of project:

Grants to Technology Centers and Organizations of research and dissemination of knowledge for the realization of projects of research and development 2020




Thank you very much for your interest in the programs of study nutritional intervention that we carry out at the Nutritional Intervention Unit of research center in Nutrition of the University of Navarra.

If you would like to join our volunteer network , please complete the following form at registration. Once the information has been registered, we will contact you at contact for an interview staff. If you need more information, you can contact us at the following email address: voluntariosnut@unav.es


The research center in Nutrition of the University of Navarra will process your data in order to include them in a database of volunteers and to be able to invite you to collaborate in the programs of study of research in nutrition that it carries out. The data that you provide us with are for the exclusive use of the Centre and will remain on file, until you give up leave, in the Metabolic Unit register, access to which is restricted to the researchers of the Unit.

Under no circumstances will they be passed on to third parties. data You have the right to access, modify, cancel or object to the processing of your personal data by contacting the Metabolic Unit by e-mail(voluntariosnut@unav.es) or by post (Research Building, University of Navarra. C/ Irunlarrea, 1. 31008, Pamplona) as well as to exercise other rights that are listed on the page Protection of data, where you can obtain more details about the privacy policy of the University of Navarra. If you require any clarification, please contact dpo@unav.es.



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