Nutritional Intervention Unit (NIU)

Nutrition Intervention Unit

The Nutritional Intervention Unit provides services to all areas of the centre, in addition to developing research projects with various promoters, through research contracts. Its work ranges from the proposal of research protocols and advice on design of programs of study, to the preparation of scientific and technical reports.

To carry out its work, the Nutritional Intervention Unit has different consultations and spaces, where informative and/or follow-up meetings are held, conference room for anthropometry and body composition with bioelectrical impedance and dual X-ray absorptiometry, a space for obtaining and processing biological samples, as well as the possibility of carrying out studies with indirect calorimetry equipment and stress tests.

The Unit's staff, made up of dieticians-nutritionists, doctors and nurses, is certified in Good Clinical Practices, which ensures the quality of the studies carried out. In addition, all intervention studies are carried out in accordance with National and European recommendations and standards, with the protocols being approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the University of Navarra or by the Clinical Research Ethics Committee of the Government of Navarra. Likewise, the Nutritional Intervention Unit is integrated in the Biobank of the University of Navarra, which is part of the network of Biobanks of the Carlos III Health Institute.



The Task Force

→ Idoia Ibero Baraibar
Responsible UIN, Dr. Food, Physiology and Health.
→ Blanca Esther Martínez de Morentin Aldabe
Doctor and Dietician-Nutritionist.
→ María Hernández Ruíz de Eguílaz
→ Iosune Zubieta Satrústegui
→ María Goñi Echeverría
→ Salomé Pérez Díez
→ Carmen Cristobo Pérez
→ Gabriela Arias de Andrés



Idoia Ibero Baraibar

Idoia Ibero Baraibar

C/ Irunlarrea, 1

31008 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 425600