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Smart Buildings

In recent years, the University of Navarra has implemented sustainable standards and initiatives for its buildings at campus. Examples of this improvement towards sustainability are the University of Navarra Museum and the Friends Building. 

In addition, the University has a policy of implementing Smart Buildings, which aims to progressively convert all existing facilities into more sustainableStructures . Some examples of this policy are:

- Several entrances to the buildings have been fitted with automatic doors so that the entrances are not left open unnecessarily, making the building less efficient.

- All University buildings are equipped with fire protection systems, centrally managed through a platform at management. 

- Motion detectors have been installed to illuminate those corridors with leave foot traffic.

- Light switches with timers have been fitted to prevent lights staying on longer than necessary in bathrooms.

- High efficiency installations are replacing older ones, e.g. refrigerators in laboratories.

- Bulbs throughout the university are progressively being replaced with LED lights and other halogen, incandescent or energy-saving options. All new installations directly employ LED technology and automatic light control systems.